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People usually call the change of lock cylinder

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
The material of changing lock cylinder and the door leaf of anti-theft door is unique. Changing lock cylinder anti-theft door is the most commonly used entry door product in modern home decoration, which can make it have very outstanding anti-theft performance. However, if the key of anti-theft door is lost accidentally, the lock cylinder of anti-theft door must be replaced for safety. Then how to replace the lock cylinder screw, find the correct position of the lock cylinder screw hole, when purchasing the lock cylinder, it is better to measure the length of the lock cylinder and the type of the lock cylinder. When a certain position is inserted in the slot of the lock cylinder, slowly rotate the key, so that the whole lock cylinder can be pulled out from the lift, measure the size of the lock cylinder currently used, very rare lock cylinder, the diameter of the round head should be 17 mm, the quick reading of the small head part should be 10 mm, and the height is 33 mm. People usually call the change of lock cylinder as the change of lock. In fact, changing lock and changing lock cylinder are two different concepts. There are several situations that need to change locks: 1. The old locks have been broken and cannot realize the function of normal locks. 2. The key is lost. Although the lock is in normal use, the lock is changed for the sake of safety, so as to achieve the effect that the lost key cannot open the new lock. Buy a second-hand house or car, and change the lock of the new owner. In order to improve the use function of the existing lock, the lock is changed. For example, locks without anti lock function are replaced with locks with anti lock function before. In order to improve the anti-theft ability, change the lock. In order to achieve the anti-theft effect, the lock with higher anti-theft level should be replaced without changing the use function. 6 other situations requiring lock change.
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