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'Playing' ancient intelligence lock is not easy

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-18
2015-06- 30 source: jiuzheng building materials network browsing: 470 comments: 0 Core tip: locks in our country have been carved in the Bronze Age. China's locks have been carved in the Bronze Age. The ornamentation and inscriptions on bronzes began in the early Shang dynasty. Animals expressed by lines are regarded as deformed ornamentation, and their origin is even earlier, which can be traced back to the Stone Age. The decorative patterns and inscriptions on the locks are an inheritance and development. The carvings on the locks include ornamentation and inscriptions, which can be roughly divided into human beings, animals, plants, musical instruments, utensils, auspicious words, etc. A small lock in life will attract many topics about locks, and there are many topics to talk about keys related to locks, but these are all inevitable links with lock culture, and there is no lock, the topic of the key is impossible to talk about. There is no lock in the world, only after the private ownership of human beings came into being. There are still many things I cannot list one by one. In fact, it is not just locks. It can be seen here that locks are related to human selfishness, it is related to the social system and people's material life development level, and it is more related to human wealth plunder and war. According to legend, Kong Mingsuo is a kind of wooden toy invented by Zhuge Kongming according to the principle of gossip metaphysics in the Three Kingdoms period. It is composed of wooden blocks of different sizes and different structures. It has been widely spread among the people. Wei Changling, the female owner of the store, told reporters that there are many kinds of intellectual toys in the store. There are more than 40 kinds of wooden lock toys such as plum locks, drum locks and cross locks. These toys are mainly designed for adults, the structure seems simple. It is not only difficult to disassemble, but also more difficult to reassemble. Through combination and disassembly, the mutual cooperation ability of hands, eyes and brain can be exercised. Locks such as door locks, car locks, and drawer locks are commonplace, but have you heard of Kong Ming locks, drum locks, and plum locks that are used to play? It is not easy to play the ancient intellectual lock, and it is not easy to play the ancient intellectual lock. Then, we have seen the power of this toy lock. The shopkeeper took out an ancient password box, and we took out all kinds of martial arts such as pushing, moving and prying, which could not be opened. In the end, the owner cleverly cracked the organ and easily opened the password box. The method of cracking is actually very simple, but some people are eager to seek success. They have been fiddling with the booth for nearly an hour. It is difficult to open it and it is more challenging to regroup. However, as long as you calm down and study, you can always disassemble and assemble smoothly. The owner said. I think when the locks disappear in this world, if it is not the arrival of human civilization, or that human beings have returned to the primitive society, or that the entire human civilization has suffered a devastating blow, these aspects are all possible, but these things cannot happen in a short period of time, they may only happen in a short period of hundreds or thousands of years, or even longer, this is an unreachable thing. We still want to benefit from it. I sincerely hope that the lock will disappear at some point in the future and a highly civilized human society will officially come, we must have this dream and march forward bravely on this dream Road. Label: lock ancient lock
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