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Precautions for changing locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
Changing locks refers to the process of replacing old locks with a new set of locks to achieve normal use function. Generally speaking, it means replacing the old lock with the new one. Of course, in daily life, people usually call the change of lock cylinder as the change of lock. In fact, changing lock and changing lock cylinder are two different concepts. There are several situations that need to change locks: 1. The old locks have been broken and cannot realize the function of normal locks. 2. The key is lost. Although the lock is in normal use, the lock is changed for the sake of safety, so as to achieve the effect that the lost key cannot open the new lock. Buy a second-hand house or car, and change the lock of the new owner. In order to improve the use function of the existing lock, the lock is changed. For example, locks without anti lock function are replaced with locks with anti lock function before. In order to improve the anti-theft ability, change the lock. In order to achieve the anti-theft effect, the lock with higher anti-theft level should be replaced without changing the use function. 6 other situations requiring lock change. With the wide use of locks, changing locks has been closely related to people's home life and work. Many people have had the experience of changing locks. What to pay attention to when changing locks: 1. For simple locks, most people can change them by themselves. But the type or model of lock should be basically the same. When buying a new lock, be sure to know the characteristic brand or model of the old lock. 2. Some complex locks must have relevant professional knowledge to change locks
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