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Precision requirements of unlocking tools in new standards

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
' The data of the unlocking tool for passenger cars jumped directly and opened high, which was beyond my expectation again! ' Yesterday, in the face of September's car data, a well-known brokerage analyst in Shenzhen told reporters. What he meant by'Jump High' It means that the monthly sales data of passenger cars are directly from 85 in August. 80 thousand vehicles exceeded 900,000 vehicles and jumped above the million vehicles in September. According to the latest data of the China Automobile Association, January this year ~ In September, the production and sales of automobiles were 961. 270 thousand vehicles and 966. 270 thousand vehicles, an increase of 32. 01% and 34. 24%, respectively, more than 26 in 2008. 76,000 and 28. 22 thousand. Among them, the passenger car market showed explosive growth, with monthly sales reaching a new high, exceeding 100 for the first time, reaching 101. 51 million vehicles, an increase of 18. 27%, up 83. 62%. China Automobile Association said that as the traditional sales season in September, the market showed good performance as expected. It is expected that the production and sales of automobiles will exceed 1200 in middle October and may exceed in the whole year. Check Yiliang, an auto analyst at BOC International, said that although September was the peak season of the whole year, it was the off season compared with other months in the second half of the year, and the off season actually hit a record high in sales, it shows that there is no suspense that the sales of the automobile industry hit a new high in the fourth quarter. As dealers will hit the annual sales in December, it is a high probability that the sales volume will continue to hit a new high in the second three months of 2009. He also raised the annual sales forecast of passenger cars from 900 to more than 1000. Even excluding commercial vehicles, this forecast data has exceeded the total sales of cars in 2008. The valuation unlocking tool moved up to the 3-quarter market can face the auto data that exceeded expectations again. Yi Junfeng, an auto analyst at Changjiang Securities, also told the Daily Economic News, plans are under way to raise the performance forecast of relevant stocks. The reporter learned that a number of auto analysts are planning to raise the performance forecast of auto stocks. Based on this, the valuation of auto stocks is expected to rise to a new level. Shen Wan Securities analyst Jiang Xueqing's latest research report released yesterday believes that the auto sector will usher in the 3-quarter market. Due to the upward demand for cars and the obvious shift in the consumption structure of products, the performance of major car companies in the third quarter has increased significantly from the previous quarter, and the performance of parts companies supporting cars will also be improved. Based on the good performance in the third quarter and the continued demand in the fourth quarter, Shenwan Securities raised the annual profit forecasts of Shanghai automobile, Chang 'an automobile and Fuyao Glass respectively. In addition, it is expected that the demand for heavy trucks in the third quarter is better than expected, and the annual profit forecasts of Futian Automobile and Weichai Power are also raised. Yesterday, Shanghai Auto announced that it is expected to be January this year ~ Net profit in September increased by more than 70% year on year, and Chang 'an Automobile also expects its first three quarters to grow by 130% year on year ~ 150%. The industry expects that with the opening of the 3-quarter report, it is believed that there are still many automobile companies with the possibility of pre-increase, among which Jianghuai Automobile and Futian Automobile are more likely to pre-increase.
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