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Price list - interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-18
Indoor door lock pricelist, indoor door lock can be seen everywhere in our daily life, the bedroom door, kitchen door, study door, etc. , installed on the lock can be called indoor door lock. Indoor door lock price list, and many clients are all very attention, want to know the price of the concrete, have some can not spend money when buying. Indoor door lock price actually many vendors offer is different, even if the appearance is same in the two locks, price also can appear the difference, so the indoor door lock more price list reference.     Indoor door lock pricelist, different manufacturers for the product adopted different pricing rules, because market lead to different parts of the raw material purchasing cost difference, will directly affect the price of indoor door lock; And area of the artificial cost is not the same, take north to guangzhou, and five or six cities must be different, since the artificial cost is different, so the production of interior door lock the price, of course, also not the same. Know indoor door lock pricelist, accomplish know fairly well, buy not cheated.     Indoor door lock pricelist, can look for rich yu hardware online customer service, are provided free of charge. Is our own production factory, all indoor door lock is self-marketing, prices are ex-factory price, not because of region, the different customers, offer is not the same, all is a unified online offer, and provide 2 hours fast after-sales service.
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