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Price of commodity house door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-17
Price of commodity house door lock, has always been the customer CARES about, but to find a lot of information from the Internet, also from a friend about a lot of, there is still no clear price how much room door lock, also get dizzy. Price is actually a lot of kinds, has the retail price and manufacturer wholesale prices, including the retail price is likely to be more than several times higher than the wholesale price. Below small make up to continue to go ahead.     Price of commodity house door lock, just mentioned the manufacturer wholesale price is relatively low, but there is also a premise, you first need to lock the number is more, need a general engineering or and wooden door factory cooperation, go wholesale price; Retail price is generally a hardware store or online, such as home room door lock is broken, want to change a few lock, the quantity is too little, factory is not willing to delivery, can only be purchased from a hardware store to replace, the price is much higher than the wholesale price.     Price of commodity house door lock, we can see the rich yu hardware, we are online transparent quotation, and manufacturers, prices are ex-factory price, the same type of lock quotation, there is no random quotation.
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