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Principle and type of car key

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-02
Nowadays, all car keys are equipped with chips. It's not strange for car owners, but do you really know the car chip keys? The master who changed the folding key has been engaged in the configuration of automobile chip key for many years. According to his understanding, most car owners don't know much about the functional principle of automobile chip key chip types. In view of this, as a professional configuration staff with car keys, the master popularized the knowledge of car chip keys to you. Chip key anti-theft principle: why do car keys use chips? This is because the car's electronic anti-theft system communicates with the engine control computer. The engine can only be started after the code in the key chip is identified. That is to say, if the chip in the car key is damaged or lost, the car will not start. It seems that you should protect this small car chip key well in the future, or it will strike. The type of car key chip: fixed code means that the code is fixed and composed of numbers and English letters (when the engine is started, the data will not change). The encryption code is used for the latest chips and chip controllers (with bidirectional data encryption). It is equipped with internal program algorithm to decrypt each encrypted information. Scroll code: each key has a different electronic code. But every time the key is used to start the vehicle's engine, the code changes. The process of changing the code is only known by the chip controller manufacturer, and it is difficult to crack it by reading the memory of the key chip.
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