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Probak's product system will be gradually improved to guide the civilian development of fingerprint lock industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
A few days ago, probak was acquired by KABA, the world's hardware and security giant. It is understood that after the merger, several existing sub-brands and product systems in probak will be properly adjusted, and some products will be incorporated into KABA's product system and directly face global users. Secondly, probak will introduce some of KABA's hotel locks, intelligent access control attendance and other products and solutions in stages to supplement and improve the existing business system, probak will become an important platform for KABA's global integration strategy in China. These strategic plans fully reflect the trend of Propac to speed up the development of the civilian market. In the Shenzhen Expo, which has just ended, most security companies, including fingerprint lock companies, said that the future development direction of the security industry is the civil sector. It is estimated that according to the calculation of 0. 1 billion existing urban households in China, combined with GDP growth rate and urbanization development rate, the expected total purchase amount of security products by urban households in the next five years will reach 50 million sets, according to the average price of 1000 yuan per set, the market size will reach 50 billion yuan. However, relevant survey data show the difference between China's civil security and other countries in the world: China's civil security market accounts for only 6% of the total output value of the security market, while the United States accounts for more than 50%, the world average is also around 10%. China's per capita expenditure on security products lags far behind developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, with only 1/9 in Britain, 1/7 in the United States and 1/5 in South Korea. The civil security market has huge space and is promising in the future, but the reality is that the development of the civil security market with great commercial development value in China has been faltering. In addition to the fact that China's civil security market is still in the initial stage and still needs time to exert its power, there are also factors such as the high price of security products, the shackles of traditional thinking concepts and habits, and the eagerness of enterprises for quick success and instant benefits. The introduction of a series of strategic measures such as KABA hotel lock shows that probak is trying to weaken the influence of the obstacles in the process of civilian use of fingerprint lock, leading domestic fingerprint lock enterprises to intensively cultivate in the direction of civilian use, with both the civilian market and the engineering market grasping, both hands are hard, so that we can develop in a balanced and steady manner. In the eyes of mass consumers, the high-end mysterious fingerprint lock will be closer to the daily life of ordinary people, and customers can better enjoy the safe, convenient, free and comfortable modern life brought by civilian fingerprint lock, at the same time, the customer's good consumption experience virtually improves the brand's reputation and reputation through word of mouth, opening up a huge market space for the enterprise, and finally realizing the win-win of the customer, the enterprise and the market.
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