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Promote business intelligence of chain stores-- Keda smart store lights up 16th China Chain Store exhibition

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
On November 6, 2014, Keda intelligent store management system made its debut at the most influential exhibition in the chain industry-- 16th session, China chain exhibition human face analysis, product inspection, strategy sand table and a series of intelligent application lead stores management into business intelligence. The problems faced by traditional store management in daily work and life, we can see all kinds of chain stores everywhere, some of which are small and some of which are large. How to regulate the operation of each store and what business rules are hidden behind the sales data of these stores. . . . . . It has always been a major problem for chain store managers. Three core modules, bring chain store management change in 2012, Keda launched an intelligent store management system, through video patrol, passenger flow statistics, Hot Spot analysis three core modules, bring management changes to the entire chain store industry. Video tour: managers can browse real-time high-definition video images of each store through the web or mobile App, and can realize business functions such as online evaluation. Passenger flow statistics: accurately count the number of people entering and leaving all points, and automatically generate various professional reports based on comprehensive marketing data. Hot spot analysis: in-depth analysis of customer consumption behavior, including detailed analysis of hot spot areas, hot spot paths, commodity attention, etc. The three application highlights promote the arrival of the big data era of chain store business intelligence, enabling chain store managers to mine useful information from a large amount of data scattered in various stores. For this reason, Koda linked video with big data and realized the business intelligence of store management by introducing face analysis, commodity spot check and strategic sand table functions into the intelligent store management system. Face analysis: used for in-depth analysis of customer information, advertising concerns, etc. Quickly detect faces in videos and analyze information such as age, gender, race, and expression. Commodity spot check: automatically capture the picture of the spot check point, compare it with the standard picture, and conduct spot check and evaluation on commodity display, promotion execution, etc, and the unqualified evaluation records and pictures will be automatically sent to the relevant person in charge, who will rectify and deal with the store problems, thus forming a complete routine inspection workflow. Strategic sand table: designed for the boss, in-depth detection can still know the first-line situation. The big screen displays comprehensive information such as sales, passenger flow and hot spots from the whole country, region and even a single store in real time, and the overall operation is at a glance. These enterprises are the first to deploy business intelligence. At present, keda intelligent store management system has helped chain enterprises such as Unilever, Qipai men's clothing and ordinary people's pharmacy to realize business intelligence applications such as remote store inspection, passenger flow analysis and hot spot statistics.
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