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Protecting personal privacy and security smart cabinet locks came into being

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
In life, in order to protect the safety of the family, the security door has almost become the standard of each family. Under the influence of the wave of intelligence, the door lock has also begun to develop towards intelligence, many friends around the author have already started to use smart door locks. Many friends said that smart door locks do compare schemes and can be trusted in terms of safety. Nowadays, the smart cabinet lock is also quietly coming to protect your privacy and property. Regardless of work or life, we prefer to throw some of our documents or personal items such as wallets into the cabinet, but there are few habits of locking, and the locks that come with the Cabinet are all very poor, basically, it does not play much role. This smart cabinet lock can help users protect privacy and personal property security, support card and password two or a combination of unlocking methods, no need for a key is simpler. The application is also very extensive. In the bedside table, wardrobe, bookcase, office cabinet, etc. used in the bedroom, it is not bound by the door opening direction and door opening form. It is also convenient to install. A screwdriver is enough, users can install DIY themselves. At present, the product is still in the crowdfunding stage, and the lowest crowdfunding price is 89 yuan.
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