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Pure copper interior door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-17
Indoor door lock up out of the material is pure copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum four space, including pure copper interior door lock belongs to a rather special, mainly because of pure copper on the market is more scarce, direct influence of pure copper price is quite high, pure copper interior door lock corrosion resistant oxidation resistance is strong, easy to forge, the style is more, often be used in places such as high-grade club house or villa front door.     Pure copper most indoor door lock on the appearance of it is to restore ancient ways, loved by the middle-aged, and pure copper surface texture is delicate and easy indoor door lock, can enjoy a higher visual experience, under the condition of normal use, also live longer than other materials. In addition to these, pure copper itself has good sterilization effect, can reduce the bacterial growth, security in good health.     Pure copper indoor door lock has now entered into a lot of families, high praise, fu yu hardware as has 21 years of indoor door lock manufacturers, the common material on the market has production, pure copper is only one of them, free quotes online, warranty 2 years.
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