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Quality is the root of enterprise survival, and customers are the foundation of Enterprise Development--Yijia security builds the lock of urban wisdom

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-21
On April 17, Chen, secretary general of the organizing committee of the 2018 China construction expo sunflower award and secretary general of the China Smart habitat Industry Promotion Association, brought the sunflower award' Co-organizer NetEase home, co-organizer Pacific security network, a little information, door lock World and sponsor smart lock installation service platform small screws, on the second day of in-depth visits and research activities in Zhongshan, the sunflower award smart lock selection activities continued. This visit and research are aimed at the Sunflower Award in 2018' The selection activities will be the first to have an in-depth understanding of the industry. On the morning of April 17, the Pacific security network followed the delegation to Zhongshan Yijia Security Technology Co. , Ltd. Zhongshan Yijia Security Technology Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Yijia security') Is located in generation great man SUN YAT-SEN Mr. Of Home Zhongshan outstanding people of. Yijia security was established in 2012. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in research and development and production of high-end intelligent door locks. It was awarded the title of Guangdong High-tech enterprise in 2017' The title, from the beginning to the present, has become a well-known enterprise in the industry, relying on the strong inside information and excellent strength of Yijia security. In today's increasingly developed market economy, product quality is becoming more and more important to enterprises, and the level of product quality is also one of the criteria to measure whether an enterprise has core competitiveness. At present, the lock industry is in the process of survival of the fittest and competition is fierce. Enterprises that do not pay attention to quality cannot keep pace with the progress of the times and are facing a situation that is difficult to survive. In the end, it will be difficult to move, and even the largest investment will eventually fall short. There is a succession of people, and the teacher is the teacher. Yijia security strictly checks the quality of its own products, and is even better than some established enterprises in technological innovation. The R & D, management and production teams are serious and pragmatic, strong product innovation ability, novel style, stable quality, security and theft prevention, and leading core technology industry, thus giving customers a high sense of security and identity. Every enterprise has its own unique way to establish itself, but their innovation and development must be inseparable from scientific and technological innovation and iterative upgrading of products. The current hot intelligence, security' It has led a whirlwind of industry-wide change. Traditional locks can no longer meet the needs of the times, and now it is an important stage in the innovative transformation from traditional locks to intelligent locks. Yijia security has strong ability to produce intelligent door locks. The products have many national invention patents, many utility model patents and many other design patents. It has high security technology product lines such as fingerprint lock, Hotel lock and lock cylinder, and is widely used in personal, industrial, hotel and other engineering fields. Based on its strong production team and high-quality manufacturing, it can also meet the requirements of its differentiated products for high-demand customers and complete customer orders efficiently. Yijia security wants what customers think and need what customers need. It always adheres to the customer-centered service concept and has no end to service innovation for users. Although the establishment of Yijia security has not been long, it has laid a long-term quality guarantee for customers'. During the visit, Yijia security general manager Mai Yilai introduced the core products and solutions of Yijia security to the members of the delegation, such as cloud rental smart lock security system, box-type smart lock, 6810 smart home anti-theft door lock, etc. Maiyelai introduced to the delegation that the cloud rental smart lock security system integrates apartment intelligent security, energy management, household information identification and other intelligent information of the apartment, provide efficient and humanized management solutions for long-term rental apartments. Through wifi access to the cloud rental housing lock management software system and the tenant mobile phone app platform, comprehensive rental housing access management can be carried out, and tenant access management and various status summary statistics can also be carried out, it can also make convenient operations such as scheduled maintenance and scheduled check-out. With the arrival of favorable policies in the digital economy era in recent years and the strong demand of the security industry, Yijia security has an efficient management mode relying on excellent quality and strong production and research and development teams, firmly rooted in the security industry. Compared with last year's sales of 200 thousand locks, 2018 was a big leap forward-- In less than half a year, up to 800 thousand locks were ordered by Yijia security. Over the years, Yijia security has always adhered to ODM and OEM as the core of enterprise development, with unity, pioneering and innovation' For the corporate culture, adhering to the customer first, reputation first, scientific research leading' The purpose of the enterprise, adhere to professional, focused, concentrate' The spirit of enterprise and serious attitude, and colleagues in the industry to work together to create a future of security wisdom!
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