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Questions and answers about smart locks: personal experience tells you-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-05
Is smart door lock convenient? Are smart door locks safe? What kind of smart lock should I buy? The traditional door lock opens the door: a total of 9 actions of pulling out the key, inserting the key, rotating 4 times, pulling out the key, and opening the door. Smart door lock opens the door: there are 3 actions in total: swiping fingerprints, opening the door, and closing the door. Traditional door locks close the door: a total of 7 actions of removing the key, inserting the key, rotating 4 times, and removing the key. Smart door lock to close the door: just one action, close the door, and end. Reduced the number of door-opening actions by 6 and reduced the number of door-closing actions by 7. You can never bring your keys again, and you don’t have to worry about losing your keys again. The experience is great. Let me give the conclusion first: mainstream smart door locks are as safe or even safer as traditional door locks. The basic structure of the smart door lock is to use a motor to drive the mechanical lock cylinder to complete the original manual key turning action. So from a mechanical point of view, there is no difference. The difference lies in the opening method. There are four opening methods for mainstream smart door locks: fingerprint, password, swiping card, and key; WiFi and mobile phone unlocking are basically not mainstream. The key is okay, swiping the card is okay, as long as you don’t lose it, it’s safe. The password is a bit problematic, and many people are afraid of password leakage. In fact, it is completely unnecessary, I guarantee that the password is the least method you use. Because the most troublesome thing is to use it in an emergency, just hide it in your heart like a bank card password. Fingerprints are the most commonly used method, the most reliable and the most convenient. Some people are worried about fingerprints being copied, so don't worry. Most manufacturers now use bank-level fingerprint locks. As long as you are not greedy for cheap, you will generally not be fooled. Therefore, mainstream smart locks, as long as they are bank-level fingerprint recognition, have the same security as traditional door locks, or even more secure. Some smart locks are designed with two systems, no keyhole, and the security level is very good. To share a short story: I went for a run N years ago and lost the key. At that time, the house was still a traditional lock. Find the unlocked door, 1 minute. It was really only 1 minute before he opened the mechanical lock known as the five-level anti-theft. The moment he charged me 200 yuan, I knew that the lock was a display in front of the thief. What's interesting is that the master told me that some smart locks, because the keyhole is particularly concealed, are troublesome to open, and you need to add more money. It's very simple, just meet the following functions: regular manufacturers, continuously operating brands, and have their own after-sales team. Q: Is it easy to install? A: It's very convenient. All locks are installed and installed. Basically, the battle can be solved in 30 minutes. Q: How long can the battery last? A: More than half a year, I have been using it for 2 years and haven't changed it yet. Q: What should I do if the battery is out? A: First of all, you will be notified before the battery runs out. In addition, if the electricity is really out, you can use the key or emergency power to turn it on, but it is also a very unlikely event. It is recommended to put a spare key in your car. Q: Can any door be used? A: 99% of the doors can be used, but the doors with a lock on the sky and earth, installation will be a bit more troublesome, but most of them can be hung on sky and earth poles. Q: Are there any problems with use? A: There will be a sound when opening and closing the door, so if you don't like noise, you can turn off the sound. What's particularly terrible is that the neighbor's bear boy often likes to touch your door lock, and then the door lock will always make a sound. This can only be grasped later, persuaded and educated. Q: What if I am particularly insecure? A: The keyhole of a smart lock with a key is generally concealed, and it takes a long time for a thief to open it. B: Most smart locks have a tamper-proof function. Entering the wrong fingerprint or password several times will also lock up and sound an alarm, which greatly enhances the deterrent effect. C: The most important thing to guard against theft is to prevent criminals from entering when there are people in the house. Therefore, the best anti-theft is an anti-theft lock or an anti-theft chain used in hotels. You can install one.
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