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Really don't need the gateway intelligent locks - — | NBIoT smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Smart door lock believe everyone is already very familiar with, but don't need the gateway, can also remote control of intelligent door locks, you have seen? Skynet connected smart door locks, really don't need the gateway. What is the difference between smart door lock with ordinary smart door lock? Smart door lock exactly good? Next, will take you along depth explore 'smart door lock'. Based on NB - IoT intelligence door lock has the following advantages: one, no need to 1. 2 NB narrowband Internet of things technology. Don't need the gateway, save hardware cost. 3. Coverage is wider, can use 4 in the remote areas. Through the network operators 5. Communication is more stable and safer and more rapid 1. More than five unlock way, scene safe switch 2. Say goodbye to age 3 keys. Low power 4 beyond imagination. Bring far beyond working time of the same kind of 5. Almost zero debugging, out-of-the-box three, 1 more security. NB remote sensing technology, its security level 2. Super B class lock, let a thief 'and lock it' 3. Phantom password technology, there is no 'trace' peeping Tom found 4. Living fingerprint identification, put an end to the fingerprint 5. A variety of alarm push, accidental instant cognitive four or more wisdom to 1. Speed fingerprint lock 2. However as the fingerprint recognition efficiency. Remote one-time password 4. In other place, also can control your home 5. APP active push message, check the lock record anytime and anywhere
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