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Recommendations of Seven New Sales Channels for Smart Fingerprint Locks in 2019

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-17
Many consumers are laymen who buy smart locks for decoration, because they are not experts in smart locks and do not understand some of the industry rules. At the moment when the concentration of smart lock brands is not high, choosing a good purchase channel is more important than buying the smart lock itself. The following is the classification of different sales channels of smart locks. The editor will analyze each sales channel one by one. 1. E-commerce When it comes to e-commerce, many people think of Taobao. In fact, this is not the case. There are two types of e-commerce. One is the Tmall, JD flagship store and Taobao enterprise store opened by manufacturers. This type of self-operated e-commerce This kind of e-commerce companies will try their best to do their best before and after sales. After all, they sell their own products. They cherish every customer and solve their after-sales problems as much as possible. The other is the e-commerce opened by agents, mostly Taobao stores, and some powerful agents open Tmall stores. Compared with traditional channels, such online agents are more professional, but their own agent positioning determines that they value short-term benefits. The goal is clear: selling products to earn cash. After-sales problems can be solved by themselves. If they can't be solved, it can be taken for granted. For manufacturers, in terms of service and after-sales, there are situations where the service is not timely or can not keep up. 2. The most traditional purchase channel for home furnishing stores, building materials markets, or hardware lock stores on the street. Most of the sellers are individual or mom-and-pop stores. Almost all of these outlets are businesses that do traditional hardware, locks, safes, hangers, and doors, and sell smart locks by the way. Smart locks are locks, electronic products with door lock functions, and even smart hardware. The reason why these store owners sell smart locks is more driven by manufacturers. When developing the market, many manufacturers first think of these stores that are closed with hardware locks, and put the locks in the store for free. These stores sell locks passively. , If customers ask, just sell, few can clearly explain the smart lock function. 3. The home appliance stores are mainly offline stores represented by Suning and Gome. They have been hit to the bottom by e-commerce and are also seeking transformation. In addition to selling traditional home appliances, they will also try new home appliances and new hardware products. The initial conversion rate is low, and the cost of consumer education is high, but this means that in the future, manufacturers that can enter this type of channel are at least very distinctive in one aspect, such as brand and function. 4. Channels such as agents' self-operated outlets and smart lock stores are relatively professional and have a strong sense of service. Agents generally get the goods directly from the manufacturers and undertake channel sales or direct sales in a certain area. Smart lock stores. These stores must be opened by young people who are optimistic about the smart lock market. They are professional smart lock retail outlets that directly face consumers. They will sell as many smart locks of various brands as possible to satisfy The different needs of consumers, professionalism and service can be guaranteed. 5. Community direct sales. Many of these sales models are in cooperation with real estate companies, using property commissions or renting property sites to promote sales in the community, commonly known as local sales. For this type of promotion, there are manufacturers, agents, and sometimes distributors (retail stores). But when they do promotions, they will all say that they are manufacturers, in order to gain the trust of consumers. 6. Decoration companies Decoration companies are also an important sales channel for smart locks. They sell smart locks worth thousands of dollars to households who spend more than 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands on renovating new houses. This opportunity should not be too good. Many smart lock companies and agents will spare no effort in cooperating with decoration companies, putting smart locks into home improvement packages or giving them as signing gifts. Seven, locksmith recommendation. Now some locksmiths will recommend smart locks to users when repairing or replacing mechanical locks. Many locksmiths have channels for purchasing smart locks of multiple brands.
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