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Reconstructing new security pattern security robots lead new intelligent changes

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-13
Since China's security industry started in the late 1970s S, it has quietly risen in cities such as beishangguangshen, especially Shenzhen, which is at the forefront of reform and opening up, relying on the local advanced electronic technology advantages and unique geographical location, it has gradually developed into an important base for the national security industry. Nowadays, with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, from traditional door locks to anti-theft fingerprint locks, anti-theft doors and video surveillance systems that can be seen everywhere in cities, all reflect people's growing demand for security. At the same time, with robots, security' The rise of the concept broke the shackles of traditional security technology and made the security industry transition from traditional security system to intelligent security system with modern service as its concept, following China's 13th Five-Year Plan' Planning and 'internet, artificial intelligence three-year action implementation plan' and the introduction of a series of supporting policies, the state has given great attention and support to the intelligent high-end manufacturing industry represented by robots. At the same time, robot + security' The early appearance of the security Blue Sea indicates that China's security industry is bound to usher in a major new intelligent change! Based on this environment, as China Security Technology Co. , Ltd (CSST) Shenzhen Zhongzhi Kechuang Robot Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Zhongzhi Kechuang') For the first time, robots and security are proposed in China'The combination of movement and movement' The concept of modern security protection has taken the lead in developing a new generation of security patrol robots in China. Recently, at 2016 Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo (Hereinafter referred to as the wisdom Expo')And the third China-Asia-Europe security expo (Hereinafter referred to as the Expo') And 2016, 12th session of the Xinjiang police counter-terrorism technical equipment expo on as an China-Chile innovation two big ace' Robot: guarantee service robot Huanhuan' And the appearance of the security patrol robot attracted many spectators and domestic and foreign enterprises. Zhibo-- Zhongzhi Kechuang security service robot Huanhuan'Zhibo-- China Intellectual Technology Innovation Exhibition security patrol robot expo--Security service robot Huanhuan' With security patrol robots, security service robots are so popular at Zhibo and Anbo conferences not only because they can realize audio and video intercom, indoor wireless navigation, human-computer interaction, face recognition and other functions. In addition, it also has security functions such as monitoring patrol, stranger alarm, abnormal sound alarm and Night Watch. During the day, it can be used as a customer service guide to handle business for customers, and at night it can be used as a security personnel to start the security mode and conduct independent security inspection, greatly reducing the security cost. It can be predicted that with the emergence of this intelligent security service robot, the traditional commercial security mode will gradually enter the era of machine intelligence. At present, this security service robot can be widely used in banks, commercial centers, communities, exhibition halls, government places and other scenes. For example, in January 2016, Huanhuan, a security service robot applied in Foshan administrative service center, integrated the current online and offline business of Foshan government center, the innovative solution solves the problems of multi-process, low efficiency and high repeatability in the industry, and effectively provides online and offline consulting services for the public. Foshan administrative service center security service robot Huanhuan' In addition to the security service robot Huanhuan' In addition, China Intellectual Property Co. , Ltd. also exhibited another star product'-Security patrol robot' This robot product is also favored by many audiences and domestic and foreign manufacturers in the exhibition. It can perform patrol tasks through remote control or autonomous mode, has all-round audio and video monitoring capability, and can perform intelligent analysis, and notify the back-office personnel in time when abnormalities are found. It is the best partner for security staff'. Moreover, it can realize independent patrol in bad weather, and can realize 24-hour uninterrupted patrol through multi-machine linkage, which can be widely used in parks, public security systems, nuclear power plants, hazardous chemical enterprises and other places. On April this year, Huawei Bantian Industrial Park used security patrol robots' Patrol the entire park, becoming the first park in China to use robot security patrols. Its industrial park adopts the combination of dynamic and static' The domestic advanced security concept combines the security patrol robot with the existing security system, and can conduct independent inspection 24 hours a day, greatly reducing the manual workload, and can give early warning to prevent it from happening, the safety blind spots in the park are minimized. In the future, routine inspections, violation correction, warning reminders, etc. can be carried out through independent inspection or collaborative inspection mode. The security patrol robots in Huawei's Bantian Industrial Park are now in line with intelligence in terms of scientific and technological development, technological innovation and even the reform of working mode. For the security industry, the combination of robots and security is dynamic and static' The concept is not only a bold attempt, but also the development trend of the security industry in the future. Looking forward to the future, the security industry will enter a new era of intelligence. We will wait and see what kind of intelligent changes security robots will bring to our lives.
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