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Refers to whether the vein is the revolution of intelligent door lock, 'pioneer' or 'martyr '?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
July 8, 2018 20th session, China CBD Fair in Guangzhou held as scheduled. Such as intelligence, customization, system, design' As shown in the theme, the exhibition hall that gathers the smart lock brand has become a lock-free one'The arena. Major well-known smart lock companies still use fingerprint locks as their main products, but it is not difficult to find that the promotion of finger vein lock products is gradually increasing, many manufacturers, such as kinglock under micro-shield technology, Dongwu Shian under Dongwu electric, and electronic seven, have all introduced finger vein door locks. Smart locks are the inevitable trend of smart homes in the future. However, the current smart door lock products with fingerprint locks as the mainstream have the following shortcomings. The fingerprint lock has poor applicability to the elderly and children. The fingerprint quality of the elderly and children is generally not too high. There are cases where the fingerprint is light, undetermined or even completely free of fingerprints, these factors lead to poor experience when using fingerprint locks and may even be unavailable. At present, the proportion of the elderly and children has reached 40% of the population. With the aging of the population and the full liberalization of the second child, the proportion will gradually increase. The market lacks confidence in the safety of intelligent door locks. At present, consumers' awareness of the safety of intelligent door locks is still relatively weak. Strictly speaking, because the intelligent lock has the functions of anti-theft alarm and anti-trailing false password design, its security is actually higher than that of mechanical lock. But the little black box (Tesla coil) After the large-scale exposure of 3D face models, fingerprint sets, universal fingerprints and other events, consumers have certain doubts about the safety of intelligent door locks, face recognition and fingerprint recognition. The market price is too high, and the penetration rate of smart locks with limited affordability for consumers is not up to expectations. A direct factor is that the product price is too high. I learned from the exhibition that the fixed rate of the smart door lock industry (Sales price/cost price)Roughly 3- 5 times, although it is not high compared with other industries, the gross profit behind it is relatively rich. Compared with fingerprint lock, finger vein lock has two advantages of wide applicability and high safety. Wider applicability, refers to the vein is the internal characteristics of the finger, the change of the quality of the finger epidermis (Such as finger broken skin, dry and wet, etc)It will not affect people's normal use of finger vein locks. Therefore, the finger vein lock is fully applicable to the elderly and children who account for 40% of the population. The safety is higher. Finger vein recognition is a living body recognition technology. Heme based on flowing blood in living fingers can absorb near infrared light to form a vein distribution map, and features are extracted and recognized and compared through algorithms. Compared to the first generation of biometric technology (Fingerprint recognition, face recognition) , It is more secure and there is no way to crack it. However, from the perspective of industrial development, these advantages are not enough to make finger vein locks a pioneer in the revolution of intelligent door locks, the development of vein lock products also needs to face two major challenges: low market awareness and high market price. According to relevant data, the annual growth rate of the smart lock industry exceeds 40%, of which almost fingerprint locks occupy the vast market share, and the spread of finger vein locks at the consumer level is relatively small. Secondly, the market price of venous door locks is higher than that of other intelligent door locks. The author believes that due to its wide applicability and high safety, finger vein lock is expected to become the future development trend and direction of intelligent door lock products. However, in order for finger vein lock products to truly realize large-scale application, finger vein lock enterprises also need to focus on the following three points. Pay more attention to the needs of users, and cannot be unilaterally involved in technology. Most consumers do not know much about the principle of biometric technology behind locks. They pay more attention to the safety and convenience of intelligent door locks. The finger vein lock manufacturer for how to assurance intelligent door lock of comprehensive security, how to the consumers pass-through security concept is particularly key. The safety guaranteed by finger vein identification technology is only an important aspect of lock safety. The safety of lock is also reflected in the safety of networking information and mechanical technology. Pay attention to the improvement of process design and make the finger vein lock into fashionable consumer electronics. Under the guidance of millet and other manufacturers, household electrical appliances gradually begin to transform into a younger and more fashionable style, smart door lock products have also begun to become fashion products. For finger vein lock manufacturers, in order to make products into fashionable consumer electronic products, efforts should be made in both finger vein module and process design, especially at the module level, make the module smaller, more refined, and more in line with consumer habits. Pay attention to the installation after-sales service, the after-sales installation is not standardized enough, and the installation error rate is high. It is a long-standing problem in the door lock industry. For the finger lock manufacturers, establish a team of high-quality and highly standardized locksmiths, or work with a high-quality after-sales installation platform is a key measure to solve the problem of finger vein lock installation.
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