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Repairing locks about maintaining locks

by:FUYU     2020-03-05
During the use of the lock, the plug is not smooth regularly (half a year or once a year) or when the key is not smooth, and no liquid petroleum materials such as gutter oil are used as lubricant and spring, so as to avoid that the lock cannot be opened due to the oil rod. You can use a household pencil to apply the pencil to the key, and then insert the lock cylinder several times to lubricate the function. In addition, professional lubricating oil and antirust agent can also be used. Some zinc alloy and copper locks will be found to have & quot; spots & quot; after long-time installation on the door. This phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belongs to oxidation. If it happens, the new station area will unlock and repair locks. For the maintenance of locks, the spots can be removed only by spraying wax on the surface. The first trick to choose a lock is to buy the lock key's teeth;. The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complex the arrangement, the greater the difficulty and the better the anti-theft performance. Second: the lock theory is two, one is larger than the weight of the lock. The heavier the weight, the better the lock quality, the more beads in the core, the better the anti-theft function. Third: choose the lock cylinder to see the color, compare the color to see the work. The quality lock cylinder is electroplated, with smooth surface and bright color. The color of dark yellow is copper core, strong, with good anti-theft performance. The color of lock core is dark, and the color of gray with bubbles is zinc alloy, with general anti-theft performance. The fourth: insert the key to lock the anti-theft performance is poor. After the key is inserted, continue to press the key to lock the key clockwise or anticlockwise to lock the anti-theft performance is poor. The smooth state is poor, and the anti-theft effect of the rotary lock is good. Grade one lock currently has a security lock key with a key and a cross key. The internal structure of class a lock cylinder is very simple, only limited to the change of marbles, while the slot of shrapnel is small and shallow. The opening time of anti technology is one minute, and the mutual opening price is very high. The marble structure is a single row of marbles or a cross lock B-type lock b-key is a flat key with two rows of glass balls and a different type of lock, which is a series of irregular lines in front of the key. There are three main types of lock cylinder: computer double row lock cylinder, double row crescent lock cylinder and double-sided blade core. The open time of anti technology is 5 minutes, and the open rate is high. The lock cylinder can be opened within one minute by means of a strong twisting tool. The shape of super class B lock is like a single-sided blade with groove or outside milling key. The core type is the side post lock cylinder. The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) tested the non-technical opening for 270 minutes, with a regional common opening rate of zero (16 million). The elastic structure is double row blades, V-shaped side column is locked. If the lock core is opened with a strong twisting tool, the internal damage of the core will be damaged, and the self explosion will not be opened.
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