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Reveal the choice of stainless steel door lock technique

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
One, the price is, the lower the lock is not the better. The discretion of the price of stainless steel door lock has close relationship with the discretion of the price of stainless steel itself. Inferior stainless steel door lock is usually USES a large amount of impurity recycling aluminum extrusion aluminium profile, aluminum used in the wall thickness is only 0. 6 - 0. 8 mm. Both in terms of degree of tensile strength and yield were significantly lower than the relevant provisions of the state, this kind of stainless steel handle locks are not safe, so the owner when the choose and buy products don't figure a cheap and despised myself and the personal safety of others. Second, the performance, usually want to consider the following aspects: 1. Anticorrosive: in the humid weather, locks can keep in good condition, corrosion resistance. 2. Fire retardancy: under the condition of high temperature, lock performance is not affected, high temperature resistance. Third, the lock, lock core is divided into A, B, C level 3. A level is commonly known as the old lock core, has been unable to guard against the thief, the lock time only 1 minute or less. While anti-theft lock B, C on the structure is more complex than A level anti-theft lock, through technical unlock difficulty also increased greatly. Four, the stainless steel used in aluminum, its thickness, intensity and oxidation film, generally can meet the national standards.
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