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Samsung SHS-3120

by:FUYU lock     2020-05-03
The Samsung SHS-3120 Digital Keypad Deadbolt is a new Keypad Door Lock on the market. This very high tech looking deadbolt door lock can be used for the home, and for the office. Besides looking very modern, the Samsung SHS-3120 it is also very low profile, with no protruding keyhole. And since it uses RF Keys instead of traditional tumbler keys, it is immune from key bumping! Continue reading to learn more about this amazing new deadbolt door lock! The Samsung SHS-3120 is an electronic door lock that provides an increased level of home protection. Electronic door locks offer more security than traditional key locks, and also have many more features. The convenience of keyless entry for home and digital keys that protect the lock from key bumping are just a couple of the many you will find with the Samsung SHS-3120. Another really neat feature is the Auto-Locking mechanism. If the option is turned on, every time you shut the door, after a short amount of time the deadbolt will engage; this takes away the worry of whether or not you locked you home when you left, allowing you to feel safer and more relaxed. The most convenient feature of the Samsung SHS-3120 is the keypad. This keypad door lock allows for keyless entry, any and every time you want to enter your own home. The easy to read buttons light up when one is pressed, adding even more convenience for operating the unit at night. With up to 12 easily programmable security codes, everyone in your household is sure to have their own way in. For even more security, this keypad door lock has a random code feature, which lights up a random button for you to press after you enter you code, preventing prying eyes from seeing your code. 4 RFID pass keys 70 Programmable entry codes Tough design, strong quality parts Weather resistant Very stylish, low profile front panel Auto-locking LED lights for easy use at night Powered by 5 AA batteries, also has the option of hard wiring Operating temperature of -21 F to 140 F Size: 2.95″ x 5.23″ x 1.96″ Weight: 6 pounds Deadbolt is 70mm long, can also be had with 60mm deadbolt Weather resistant, tamper resistant, high quality construction and parts The Samsung SHS-3120 is a wonderful addition to any home, with and abundance of features to ensure easy use, and higher home security. If those appeal to you, then this is definitely a deadbolt door lock for you. It has 4.3 out of 5 stars on . In summary, the Samsung SHS-3120 is a lock that offers many convenient features, while also offering a high amount of home security. Well made, easy to use, and easy to install, the majority of buyers of this product are very happy with it, and would recommend it to anybody looking for a new deadbolt door lock.
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