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Sanya lock change Haikou lock change - guard against

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
According to master Huang , the tool to unlock from the cat's eye is called 'manipulator'. The cat's eye is a way to unlock, and the anti-theft door can be opened in less than one minute. First of all, he removed the cat eye from the anti-theft door. Zheng Ping demonstrated how to unlock the cat eye at the scene. He adjusted the distance between the cat eye and the door handle by measuring the robot hand. Then he used a 'special tool' bent at one end like a thin steel pipe to stretch in from the hole left by the cat eye, and pressed the door handle to unlock the door for several times. The anti-theft door was opened. The whole process took less than a minute. Beijing unlock said that 'this way of theft is mainly aimed at the security door has a cat's eye, is the homeowner does not lock the door.' According to the anti-theft door and automatic lock anti-theft door with ab lock (i.e. new anti-theft handle lock), the 'manipulator' is also divided into '7' and 'three section stick' tools, Huang said. The 'special tool' for unlocking is called 'manipulator'. In fact, the anti-theft method for this kind of theft is very simple. It is only necessary to lock the door reversely Zheng Ping said that it is particularly recommended that people do not forget to lock the door even if they sleep at night. In addition, it can effectively prevent peeping. At present, there are cat eye protectors on the market. Even if thieves remove the cat eyes, the protectors can still keep the crime tools out of the door.
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