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Sanya lock company reminds us to pay attention

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
The company reminds you that with the approaching of the festival, this time, there are frequent theft cases every time. We must check the anti-theft level of the anti-theft lock cylinder, or consult professional personnel to confirm the level of the on-site safety door. The level or B-level lock needs to be upgraded to super B-level lock cylinder, so it is safer. Select qualified companies to install and upgrade on site. The anti-theft effect of high-quality anti-theft lock with good doorknob is * * changed. If a wooden door is equipped with * * anti-theft lock, the anti-theft effect will be greatly reduced, making the lock cylinder the heart of the anti-theft door, which is a bit excessive. There have been many robberies at the scene of the crime before; the thief is a destructive way (the lock that the thief almost doesn't open), and the design of the missing old lock, or the thin structure lock, lock, can be extended for a period of time, and more protection, as long as, naturally, it won't be the target that the thief covets. Almost all locks are made of metal and wear over time. Take the import lock as an example, the general service life can be more than 10 years; and the good and bad in the current market, as many as 100 kinds, also have the use of less than one year * * quality and whether there is protection before purchase, in order to protect your rights and interests. As long as the switch lock feels uncomfortable, that is to say, it may fail soon. It is recommended to repair or replace it as soon as possible to avoid the embarrassing situation that the door cannot be opened. In case of failure of the safety door and its own handling is unfavorable, it is necessary to find a regular professional technician directly under the public security department for maintenance.
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