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Sanya lock company tells you the classification

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-27
According to the structure of the lock, the company can be divided into the following forms: ① bullet structure: a group of cylindrical parts with basic shape, which can lock or release the lock cylinder linkage. ② Blade structure: a group of parts with the shape of sheet, which can block or release the linkage of lock cylinder. ③ Magnetic structure: a part made of magnetic materials, which plays a locking role. ④ Cipher structure: a structure composed of digital codes. ⑤ Electronic coding structure: the structure composed of coding based on electronic principles. In addition, for the door lock, the shape of the lock tongue is square tongue, oblique tongue, hook tongue, etc. according to the number of lock tongue, it is divided into single tongue and double tongue; according to the number of lock head, it is divided into single head lock (outdoor key switch) and double head lock (indoor and outdoor key switch). The adjustable locking tongue is called the movable tongue, most of which are inclined arc-shaped for door opening; the one that can only be retracted by key or knob is called the dead tongue, mainly for door locking, also known as the static tongue. According to the safety device, the door lock can be divided into one insurance, two insurances and three insurances. There are three functions of lock fuse: lock tongue fuse, indoor fuse and outdoor fuse. There are three kinds of insurance. The company's main service items are: professional opening and maintenance of all kinds of car unlock security door unlock security door change lock cylinder glass door fingerprint lock safe unlock import civil lock safe password box file cabinet, and can be equipped with the corresponding lock core lock body and key and all kinds of car chip unlock key.
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