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Sanya unlock notice

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
In order to better serve the customers, maintain social security and prevent crimes, the 'unlock verification registration system' is stipulated. Unlock registration procedures: 1. To open the door, you must show the property right certificate; ID card; house rental agreement; or the neighborhood joint certificate of the property management unit of the neighborhood committee. 2. For automobiles and motorcycles, you must show the driving license, ID card and other related documents. 3. The ID card of the owner of the safe and the certificate of approval to open the SAFE shall be provided. The official seal of the unit shall be affixed and the password shall be kept for the customer. 4. When the public security, legal, enterprise and institution entrust to assist in unlocking, the entrusting party shall present the letter of authorization to unlock, At the same time, it can be opened with the accompaniment of relevant staff. 5. In case of sudden rupture and leakage of water pipe or gas in residential buildings, which affect the public safety of residents, it can only be opened with the witness of police or neighbors. 6. After verification, it must be carefully registered according to the valid certificate provided by the customer, and signed by the customer (official seal of the unit) The company's employees are required to perform their duties and strictly abide by the above system. At the same time, please cooperate with us
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