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Say goodbye to mobile phone APP Sesame knock unlock Intelligent new definition

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Sesame uses the latest identification technology to provide a strong security guarantee for loved ones. More importantly, this smart product no longer relies on smart phones, but can be unlocked by tapping and voice control. After all, the mobile phone is not a smart key. If there is no electricity, it is not good to go home. . . Sesame is the easiest to install and use intelligent door lock. Strictly speaking, Sesame is not really installed because there is no need to change the existing door hardware. Sesame's built-in sensor can clearly monitor the door bolt position of the door body, so only 3M glue needs to be attached to the door simply, so it is very labor-saving to install or remove it. In addition to simple installation, this Sesame smart door lock has other advantages to make it stand out among all smart door lock products. First, the user can customize the knock to open the door lock, just wear the matching smartphone on the body. At the same time, you can also use the application on your smartphone to manage permissions and prevent non-family members from entering. Sesame also has voice control. Say to the matching smart watch: Open Sesame' , Sesame recognizes the sound and compares it. After the comparison is successful, the door lock will automatically open immediately. How about it, it feels a little magical. Like similar smart door locks, this Sesame will also provide an authorized door opening code function. It is convenient for homeowners to allow guests to enter when they are not at home. The iOS system's matching application allows the user to authorize the guest to open the door, and the owner will also receive push notifications that the door is opened and locked. Even after a period of time, you can check the entry and exit records of your home door. Similarly, Sesame will also record information about unauthorized entry or attempts to forcibly open the door. Once someone uses a physical key to open the door, Sesame will also record it. Sesame smart lock also follows the principle of installing a lock sleeve on the inside of the door. When you want to open the door, if you are within the communication range of the smartphone, you can control the lock sleeve to rotate through the wireless signal, and then open the door. IOS system applications can use Bluetooth 4. 0 for communication. If these do not meet your requirements, users can also be equipped with Wi- Fi accessories can be remotely controlled to unlock or lock the door. If you use the Bluetooth communication version, there is only one reminder opportunity.
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