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Security door for lock insurance or in any security doors for lock method

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-10
Decorate in the family, we can choose security doors, but if the security locks core damage, or for other reasons, need to change anti-theft lock core, so the insurance with change? Security door lock the price is more expensive, so we have to master certain in anti-theft lock core method, to prevent mistake, resulting in loss of price. The following will introduce security doors for lock method. Security doors in lock step 1, after the chosen anti-theft lock core, unscrew the handle on the front panel below the two screws, the screws is primarily fixed panel, as long as ready phillips screwdriver can be completed, and is very simple. 2, the security locks core security set off. When you are removing the old anti-theft lock core, but off the screw or pulled out by hand anti-theft lock core, will be around the perimeter of the locks lightly with a hammer percussion, know to take out the old anti-theft lock core. 3, put good anti-theft lock core with screw, remember to remove the steps, return is the same. Removed everything unified put away, don't lost. 4, the screw will be fixed anti-theft lock core, removing the old anti-theft lock core. 5, according to the method of step 3 will be installed anti-theft anti-theft lock core shell after installing handle, handle before installation, insert the safety switch now, install the handle again. 6, installed inside and outside handle, want someone to help hold the outside handle, both symmetric cater to, continue to the next step. 7, adjusting the handle, inside and outside must be coordinated well, screw holes to aim at there nut, or use the flashlight lighting after rotating screw. 8, insert the vertical screw, insert the screw if on the inside of the nut is not allowed, please use fingers shaking screw, general rotating lead screw friends whether can realize screw alignment. 9, fixed panel, tighten the screws, pay attention to the screw can't be too tight, it will make the handle not flexible rotation. Put in plug must be vertical when put the screw plug, if not on the inside of the nut, gently shaking fingers screw, because the screw head is pointed, have a good feeling, can help you quickly alignment. 10, the last is try effect, it is important to note that try again open the door, lest be to lock the door, the door didn't repaired and have to start all over again. Can be inserted into the key rotating 360 degree twist insurance, everything is all right can manually back. How to choose a good security door security locks core 1, buy security locks core depends on key 'teeth'. The deeper the more teeth, tooth, the more complex, open the greater the difficulty, the better the performance of guard against theft. 2, choose security locks core color, than the color look at work. Good quality plating processing anti-theft lock core, the surface is smooth, colour and lustre is bright. One of the deep yellow color is copper, is strong, has good anti-theft performance, colour and lustre is dim, anti-theft lock core grey color bubbles is zinc alloy, anti-theft performance. 3, insert the key security locks core stuck anti-theft performance is poor, keys and a half after insertion, in 5 to 7 component clockwise or counter-clockwise and continue to press the key into the lock, the card key security locks core security performance is poor, the smooth state into the half spin of anti-theft anti-theft lock core effect is good. Security doors in lock though we do less at ordinary times, and actually operate also is not complicated, as long as some patience, carefully understand familiar with the security locks core structure and installation method of replacement of anti-theft door lock core is not easy. Saw the introduction of the above, as we all know the security door lock core insurance with change?
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