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Security machine will become industry new favorite?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
China's security industry has developed from traditional alarm, monitoring, access control, intercom and other multi-devices and multi-systems, to now continuously introduce integrated and network products, and the technical concept has been continuously deepened. At present, as far as the development and application of industry technology are concerned, there are mainly three directions, one is the updating and upgrading of product structure and appearance, the other is the deepening or increasing of product functions, the third is the extension of product technology application and technology integration. The appearance and function stay in the industry, which is easy to cause duplication and vicious competition. The application innovation of technology can open up new application security fields. NSR (Security Machine) Which kind of innovation belongs to structure, Shell, function and application, and how far can the market go? In the trend of integration and networking, it is not difficult to find that the application innovation of various technologies has begun, from the integration of several simple functions to the continuous integration of equipment and systems. NSR (Security Machine) At the Shenzhen Expo at the end of 2011, the manufacturer recommended new products to industry users. According to the technical director, NSR (Security Machine)Series products NSR- 8488 in the application, 8 channels of alarm, 8 channels of video/audio, 4 card readers, 4 electric locks, 4 groups of door magnetic inputs, can be used in chain shops, enterprises and institutions, Villas/intelligent buildings, hospitals, schools and other fields. From the product concept, the security integrated machine will be the mainstream of the future market, especially in the commercial field. It is also a dual innovation of technology and products. From the perspective of industry development, security is bound to enter a stage of integration and networking. The development of products will also focus on the application of new technologies and new fields, and the security all-in-one machine will be the beginning of the development of this product. It is believed that the security industry will inevitably produce new products in large numbers in 2012, and the security all-in-one machine will also become a leader in the industry competition.
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