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Select - aluminium alloy door lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-10
In recent ten years, aluminum alloy door lock as a new environmental protection door lock, because plastic ability is strong, high hardness, texture clear, in corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation, as well as aspects of extensive concern to the consumer, because of its longer life expectancy, and extensive in the office building, village, project and so on. But for door lock cognitive deeper know, not all of the aluminium alloy door lock can do the above points, only high-grade aluminium alloy door lock can be, so, in the choice of aluminium alloy door lock when the need to consider what?     Aluminum alloy door lock how choice: & emsp;   First of all, the choice of high-grade aluminum alloy material, can know from the name, the main material of aluminum alloy door lock is made of aluminum and other metal shall, in accordance with the proportion of mixed, door lock as the hardware products of contact every day, strong and durable is the first element, high-grade aluminium alloy door lock, refers to the smelting process of adding a certain proportion of other rare metals to make up for the defect of aluminium material qualitative itself, strengthen the hardness, the service life of the high-grade aluminium alloy door lock right up to 10 years, if it is inferior aluminium alloy door lock the hardness and gloss are short, use for a period of time the door surface easy oxidation blackening, form the alumina adhere to the surface of the lock body, and aluminum easy to acid, alkali substances dissolved, door lock looks potholes, not beautiful.     Second, the choice of aluminium alloy door lock manufacturing process. Is currently in use more surface texture processing lines, but involved in the process, will be decisive influence on the service life of the door lock. For indoor door lock factory quality request is higher, the R3 delaminating prevention technology, under the condition of high temperature through technical processing, protective coating on the surface of the door to form oxidation, is 10 times thicker than ordinary craftsmanship, 6 times increase hardness, prolong service life more than five years.     Again, aluminum alloy door lock accessories. For the high quality requirement of indoor door lock manufacturers, choose pure copper metal accessories, let the panel of aluminium alloy door lock, lock body, lock parts, such as intensive bite together, can rely on screw tension in complementary with spring, spring, such as accessories, we can make the lock together effectively, let the lock body can withstand greater impact vibration due to open close the door.     Finally, for aluminum alloy door lock, the material of choice and use of technology is closely related to the service life of the door lock, therefore, in the choice of aluminium alloy door lock, all these situation into consideration, select normal indoor door lock manufacturers, select high-grade aluminium alloy door lock.
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