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by:FUYU lock     2020-09-17
One of the main places of the bedroom is people rests, we need to create a quiet environment to ensure that the head of the household can normal sleep, the bedroom furniture collocation should follow certain principles, especially for the bedroom door, except that decorates a style to unite with the overall more excellent mute effect. Because of the particularity of bedroom space, leading to the choice of the bedroom door also more complex, more should pay attention to. So the bedroom door when how should choose? For many people is not clear. Fu yu hardware below small make up to you to do detailed introduction.     Bedroom door when how to choice: & emsp;   1, see a brand & emsp;   Brand is very important for any product, of course the bedroom door is not exceptional also, in this market, formed the scale, high-profile brand quantity is not much. Suggest people choose to have the brand products, the first brand means not only the quality can be guaranteed, and if the product appear quality problem, also has a more complete after-sale service plan, safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.     2, see function & emsp;   It also mentions the bedroom is to provide a place to rest sleep, need to be quiet. Now many people bedroom installation is quiet room door lock, from a name you can know, this kind of lock either open or closed cause voice are negligible, for now the city life is very practical.     3, look at the price & emsp;   High-grade bedroom door on the market price from 100 to 200, mid-range price between 50 to 100. As for the below 50 generally is not recommended to choose, first quality closes nevertheless, not take long before will appear all sorts of problems, either repair or replacement is very trouble.     That is about the bedroom door introduced how to select relevant, if still not clear, can always click on the right side of the online customer service.
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