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Selection and use of the lock need to pay attention to what issues?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
All of us and use locks when the choose and buy, should be the correct operation locks, so usually we selection and use of locks are what matters need to pay attention to? In selecting and using lock must pay attention to: 1, the choice of assured quality brand door lock manufacturers production. 2, pay attention to the choose and buy, and also your doors to start the direction of the door. 3, pay attention to the door frame size, ball lock and hold hand lock on the door cannot be used for less than 90 cm. 4, pay special attention to when install door lock, only will take insurance discount at the other end, to install, don't take the key of the side off the installation. 5, and don't lock heart drops of oil, if the key open ineffective, but to some key within the eye pencil lead pin. 6, such as inadvertently house insurance chronological rotate 90 degrees, established the permanent insurance, it can only be opened with a key, just put the insurance counterclockwise to 90 degrees, can be restored. We all words ah operation selection and use of locks, should pay more attention to the above several matters needing attention.
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