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Selection methods and skills of locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-21
Locks are generally made of stainless steel and copper or aluminum alloy. Stainless steel has the characteristics of good strength and corrosion resistance, good color, and the surface is generally treated, after much oxidation, he still has a high luster. After surface treatment, he has a bright luster and is not easy to fade or rust. He is a very ideal manufacturing material. The price of stainless steel is slightly more expensive, the price of copper is lower, and it also has good pressure resistance. The rust prevention and compression resistance of aluminum alloy are relatively poor, and generally do not reuse. Lock selection skills: When choosing locks, pay attention to the following skills. First, choose locks that are consistent with the direction of the door opening. Second, locks with flat and smooth appearance are good locks. Whether the hand-holding and cladding parts and related accessories are complete, whether the surface color of the electroplated parts and spray-painted parts is bright and uniform, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation and damage. Third, check to see if the door is flexible. Finally, we should choose locks of big brands.
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