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Semiconductor fingerprint unlocking, a prerequisite for choosing a home smart fingerprint lock!

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-03
Last time, we talked about optical fingerprint unlocking, which is suitable for work check-in, access control, test identification, etc., but it is not suitable for home fingerprint locks. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition is very suitable for home fingerprint unlocking. In the field, the core is the fingerprint head and fingerprint recognition technology. At present, the fingerprint heads on the market are mainly optical fingerprint heads and semiconductor fingerprint heads, which represent capacitive fingerprint recognition technology and optical fingerprint recognition technology respectively. The principles of these two fingerprint recognition technologies are similar. But the way of collecting fingerprints is very different. First of all, capacitive fingerprint recognition is more complicated than optical. Its principle is to integrate pressure sensing, capacitive sensing, thermal sensing and other sensors into a chip. When the fingerprint is pressed on the surface of the chip, the internal capacitive sensor A fingerprint image is formed according to the charge difference (or temperature difference) generated by the peak and valley of the fingerprint, and then it is matched with the fingerprint library inside the mobile phone to complete the fingerprint identification. Because capacitive fingerprint recognition technology is more complicated, the technology and cost are also higher, but it also has the advantages of faster recognition speed, higher accuracy, identification of living fingerprints, and preventing imitation fingerprints from being confused. Therefore, it is also locked by high-end fingerprints. Brands and mobile phones use capacitors as fingerprint heads. Compared with optical fingerprint recognition, semiconductor recognition rate is much higher. Fuyu's new generation of smart locks-Liushun Tianyan Smart Cloud Lock uses a semiconductor fingerprint recognition module to continuously improve the recognition speed and ability through artificial intelligence automatic learning capabilities. It can repair the fingerprint blur, the longer it is used, the more sensitive it is. It is a fingerprint lock with memory and life. It is very suitable for the elderly and children.
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