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Sesame smart door lock: real version of 'open Sesame'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
Nowadays, intelligent life is not only a pursuit of convenience, but also a fashion. Smart door lock is a small molecule in smart home, which is easy to implement. Now that the products are numerous and complicated, the small editor will introduce a smart door lock that is not only fashionable and convenient, but also a door lock that is easy to install and use. Sesame can be said to be the easiest to install and use the smart door lock' The essence is that Sesame is connected to the mobile phone. The mobile phone controls Sesame. In fact, it controls the door bolt concisely, thus eliminating the step of removing and changing the door lock. The mobile phone is connected to the device via Bluetooth and then controlled. If it is not next to the device, the device is also equipped with a WiFi control accessory, which can be plugged into the room socket and connected to the device via Bluetooth. The user can remotely control the smart device through the mobile phone. In fact, strictly speaking, Sesame is not really installed, because there is no need to change the existing door hardware equipment. Sesame's built-in sensor can clearly monitor the door bolt position of the door body, so only 3M glue needs to be attached to the door simply, so it is very labor-saving to install or remove it. In addition to simple installation, Sesame smart door lock has other advantages to make it stand out among all smart door lock products. First, the user can customize the knock to open the door lock, just wear the matching smartphone on the body. At the same time, you can also use the application on your smartphone to manage permissions and prevent non-family members from entering. Like similar smart lock products, Sesame smart lock also follows the principle of installing a lock sleeve on the inside of the door. When you want to open the door, if you are within the communication range of the smartphone, you can control the lock sleeve to rotate through the wireless signal, and then open the door. IOS system applications can use Bluetooth 4. 0 the communication.
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