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Several different types of intelligent anti-theft lock and fingerprint lock door

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-03

Several different types of intelligent anti-theft lock and fingerprint lock door fingerprint lock is the representative of a new generation of lock security is a kind of human fingerprints to identify the carrier of locks, fingerprint identification is the improvement of the skills, electronic and mechanical skills. Fingerprint lock device in steel doors, wooden door, steel door and gate. Door of raw materials, color resolution fingerprint lock in style. Key in so what type of door, and then allocate the most suitable fingerprint lock according to actual situation. Whether traditional locks, is still the fingerprint lock, is closely related to the door. To strengthen that occupy the home safety and all the beautiful, on the basis of the various types of door in different scales and styles of fingerprint lock appears very necessary. Here are fingerprint lock is how to allocate the different types of doors are advocated: 1, double open the door, double door is commonly used in door, double door reflects the luxury and dignity of the house, with door lock, double open the doors of two equal, if the device locks the scale is too small, natural not beautiful appearance generous. If the deployment of the scale of the proportion of less than 500 mm above, will not be able to show a person of extraordinary powers curtilage temperament, more can't get to ensure on security. Fingerprint lock liuhe pole, can achieve high performance security. Double open the door, especially villas and high-end places suitable for device respectively on two door leaf, true and false lock the nobleness and luxury of the owner. 2, lash gate: lash door is a special kind of double doors to open the door, by the width of a small door leaf ( A door) With a larger width of door leaf ( Mother door) Composition. General width is bigger, the door to all the beautiful, door leaf planning into a large and a small lash. When demand planning door width is greater than the ordinary single door width ( 800 ~ 1000毫米) And less than double door width ( 2000~4000mm) To adopt dual door. So usually open the door shut the door to leave, would not have to push too big of a door. When demand through the large items such as furniture, can all open. Planning needs mixing length is 430 mm above the doors of this scale of fingerprint lock. In addition, because the son the mother when the door is closed not simple locks, demand fingerprint locks on the door lock function, can prevent couldn't good. 3, single door: single door use scope is broad, there is only one door leaf, structure the most appropriate mixing length is 280 mm above the fingerprint lock, but must avoid fingerprint lock device monolock tongue. Because the single door to open the door and simply leave a crack, simple artificially pry monolock tongue, anti-theft performance is not strong. So choose what kind of door allocate play a very important role of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock more and more is a function of the icing on the cake, choose the right the right to allocate the right door lock.
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