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Shanghai - hand lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-17
As an international metropolis, Shanghai is a typical financial city, is the relative decorating board, a hand lock factory in Shanghai, all want to know do engineering, engineering last use lock is big enough, the thousands of tens of thousands are very normal, from the manufacturer replenish onr's stock, design is rich, and can go wholesale prices, more than, more affordable, and hand lock manufacturer has its own production equipment, mold, the transformation is very convenient, the delivery speed is rapid, guarantee time limit for a project.     Believe in Shanghai engineering experience of customers are clear, few number of hand lock factory in Shanghai, the reason is that Shanghai treasure land, for profit is very thin hand lock industry is hard to survive, if take looking for manufacturers of goods, basically transfer from other provinces, such as zhejiang and guangdong. These two places a hand lock manufacturers are numerous, large small added up to no less than several hundred, home use at ordinary times of hand lock many are produced in this way.     Find hold hand lock factory in Shanghai is very appropriate, in collaboration with rich yu hardware in hand lock industry has 21 years production experience, long-term supply engineering or stores, has a production line 21, every month can reach 600000, supply capacity, with adequate protection regular order on the day of shipment, for large shipment a week.
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