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Share the key from the air. Smart door lock changes the way of life

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-19
The development of the smart home industry has made the household goods commonly used in life intelligent. Recently Sony has introduced a smart door lock Qrio, which claims to be the smallest of its kind. When the user is installed, the door can be opened and closed through the mobile phone, and the encryption key can also be shared with others through short messages. Sharing the key smart door lock will change the way of life (The picture is from Baidu) The door lock can be controlled by a smart phone. Of course, if a friend visits, the owner is not at home, then you can send the key to the friend through the mobile phone, in this way, the owner does not have to rush home or come out to open the door for someone, and the friends are free to go in and out. Sharing Keys, of course, users can also share keys with family and friends through email functions such as LINE or Facebook. When they visit again, you can share the length of use of keys for them. The installation method is simple. The installation of this smart lock door is relatively simple. It does not need to change the shape of the original door lock, nor does it need to use a screwdriver and other tools. It can be used by me directly. Mobile phone can be controlled
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