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Share | why do you say smart video doorbell is very important to family safety!

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
First of all, for most people, this does not seem to be a big problem, just a door and a lock. Most of us still use the old key lock system at home, and many people do not understand the role of intelligent doorbell system in helping to improve safety. Today, I will share with you the main functions of intelligent video doorbell in family safety. The shortcomings of the traditional doorbell system, in daily life, there are often many important things that have not attracted our enough attention. And these things are likely to lead to bigger things, such as door locks. For a long time, people have not really paid attention to the safety of traditional locks. In fact, they are much more fragile than we thought. Therefore, these unsafe door locks put our family, property, etc. in danger for a long time. The following are the following prominent shortcomings of the traditional doorbell: at any time, we must personally check to know whether the product is in good condition; If you don't approach the door, you don't know who is standing on the other side of the door; If someone visits, you must go over and open the door manually, and the visitor may be a dangerous person; If you don't take care of it, the thief may think you are not at home. What is a visual doorbell? If you want to say something similar, both the intelligent visual doorbell and the traditional doorbell notify you when someone knocks the doorbell. The visual doorbell is equipped with a 1080p camera with night vision function. It also has a two-way voice system and many other facilities, such as Wi- Fi control, which can access the camera in real time online through smart phones, is a function that traditional doorbells do not have. Smart doorbell makes home safety easier and more convenient. You can control the smart doorbell through your smart phone or any smart device in your home. At present, there are many intelligent video doorbell systems available on the market. The advantages of the intelligent visual doorbell system send a warning signal to thieves: whenever thieves rob houses or commit crimes, they will look for places that are easier to start, thus achieving a higher success rate. Because, they study the target carefully and skip those places that may be caught. If the House has good security system equipment, such as intelligent doorbell system, it can prevent thieves from trying and stay away from their targets. Wireless monitoring, the advantage of wireless control is that even if you are not at home, you can talk directly with your visitors. Smart doorbells generally have a complete digital display through which you can communicate with visitors even if you are not at home. Compatible with all mainstream operating systems, the intelligent doorbell is not only efficient, but also the operating system is very friendly. Most smart doorbell systems are compatible with Windows, Android' and Mac OS. Value for money, at first, buying a smart doorbell looks like a waste of money because we know very little about it. Plus the traditional doorbell seems to be a good solution to the problem of visiting reminders. However, if you look closely, the traditional doorbell will still have many defects. Sometimes thieves use the identity of the delivery man to enter. Then, you can easily check the camera image to see if the delivery man is really outside. Take care of your children, and the smart home access system can also be used to take care of your children. Children sometimes leave home without informing their parents, which is a common problem. Similarly, it is the same for children to go home. The intelligent doorbell system has Wi- Fi connection function can easily know whether the child leaves or returns home. You can also set the door opening permission for your child. To reduce the cost of insurance, insurance companies also like smart doorbells very much. If your house uses smart doorbells, the security will increase, thus reducing the chance of burglary. Evidence storage intelligent doorbell system has two-way voice and video function, can record video, if anything happens, can be viewed by storing records, even if you encounter insurance problems, it can help you solve. Conclusion The intelligent doorbell lock system is a revolutionary progress for family safety. It will change the face of family safety and make many things easier. It can increase our security and keep away from things such as theft. Of course, there are many other devices in the smart home system, and the technology is still developing. Smart doorbells can also be connected to home assistants, such as Alexa.
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