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Signing on CCTV, four broadcast make consumers recognized brand!

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-17

Fuyu in October 2018 CCTV hand in hand together to reach a cooperation contract marks Fuyu2018 brand strategy and complete the important one annulus is a big step in the process of the enterprise brand and the value will also has a large span greatly improve China central television CCTV has signed for signing this Fuyu and CCTV Fuyu and has signed for CCTV, China central television CCTV broadcast advertising proves that the CCTV advertising center has a strict censorship only products through the national whole safety inspection of enterprises can be broadcast on CCTV channel advertising Fuyu it is through this a series of complicated audit can successfully, it is not only in the CCTV, CCTV brand recognition and affirmation is the comprehensive strength of Fuyu witness of Fuyu will be at a China central television (CCTV) - CCTV international's Chinese channel - 4 Military agriculture channel CCTV - 7 Channel CCTV - 9 record 15 music channel advertising for up to three months to four take turns playing the Fuyu through CCTV layers of strict censorship at China gold channel CCTV authority both cooperation for the overwhelming majority of dealers and consumers give great confidence in the brand more brand strategy to upgrade 2018 the first world war I believe in the power of the brand to create excellent quality only by constantly improve their own strength, to build the road of brand rise Fuyu except in areas such as product, service, market outside the subsoil are constructing the system of new brand value for improving service quality in the coming days, good service every customer Fuyu is committed to create a good brand culture continuously consolidate and enhance brand awareness and influence brand quality combined with a product, service, for the dealer to provide strong market competitiveness and brand recognition for consumers and reliable brand protection and cultural honor Fuyu, trustworthy - — Fuyu CCTV advertising promotion - — Is the first hand in hand with CCTV, combination of Fuyu branding and corporate image shaping a large movements in power to promote the brand image, increase brand awareness at the same time will open new development power Fuyu Fuyu prevail in the market share                                

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