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Simple fission of hand lock of choose and buy method - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-17
Simple fission of hand lock can be found in many families, generally use cycle within five years, will appear after the service life of the various faults, the need to replace a new simple hand lock, fission lock exchange experience friends should have encountered such a problem, find the master door to door service fee is too high, change myself don't know what to buy types of right. So simple fission of hand lock should be how to choose and buy? Detailed experience is below small make up in the lock, see the hope to help you.     Simple fission of hand lock method of choose and buy: & emsp;   A: from the online purchase & emsp;   1, the pitch & emsp;   Measuring panel on the distance between the two screw center, known as pitch, pitch is commonly: 110 mm, 125 mm two & emsp;   2, the lock tongue specifications & emsp;   Fixed screw to the door lock panel distance, is the lock tongue specifications, common are: 30, 35 and 40, 45, no lock tongue five.     3, material & emsp;   Choose according to their own needs, common are: stainless steel ( Commonly used in the bathroom damp environment etc. ) , aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, & emsp;   After the above three are ready, you can order to buy, simple fission of hand lock can begin installation after the arrival of the goods, the whole process is very simple, need not to punch, need to be aware of is a hand lock handle orientation is adjustable, can solve to try several times.     2: from a hardware store matching & emsp;   If don't worry about on-line product quality reliable, from a hardware store direct distribution is also very simple, locked down to simple hand fission to nearby hardware store with a new one, is very simple.
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