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Sino-US smart lock competition results how?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
For a long time, many Chinese people think that American things must be better than China's. However, with the rise of China's manufacturing level and the progress of China's science and technology, Chinese manufacturing is no longer synonymous with low price and low quality. At least in the smart lock industry, Chinese products are no longer inferior to the United States in terms of quality and function. Today, Xiaobian will analyze for the readers, what are the similarities and differences between Chinese and American smart locks, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? At the same time, I also hope that this article will bring some changes in the concept to those who think that American products are better than China, so as to re-rationally view Chinese smart lock products. The similarities and differences between the opening methods of smart locks between China and the United States. At present, smart locks in the U. S. market mainly include brands such as Danalock, Kwikset, August, Lockatron, Goji, Schlage, etc. Judging from the products of these brands, they emphasize the control of locks through mobile phones. Some of them open the lock through the mobile phone Bluetooth short-range control, while others add networking function on the basis of Bluetooth unlocking, which can be connected with other smart lock home products, and remotely control the lock to unlock through the mobile phone. Speaking of which, many readers may find out why fingerprints, faces, irises, finger veins, etc. look very high and often appear in the opening methods of American blockbusters, but rarely used in the field of civil smart locks? In fact, the United States has very simple requirements for smart locks, the purpose of which is to get rid of the cumbersome keys. Therefore, they only have Bluetooth, remote, password and other relatively single ways to open the smart lock. ▲ Smart locks such as smart locks of a domestic brand are at most electronic locks or networked electronic locks in China. China's smart lock is much richer in opening mode than the US smart lock. First of all, the US smart lock has Bluetooth, remote, password and other opening methods, China Smart Lock has; Secondly, if there is no smart lock in the United States, China's smart lock is more abundant. China's smart lock uses at least one of the identification methods such as fingerprint, face, iris and finger vein as the opening method. Similarities and differences in the security of smart locks between China and the United States people who are familiar with U. S. locks or U. S. lock standards know that Americans do not have as high a security requirement as domestic enterprises. This is why? First of all, this may have something to do with the national conditions of the United States; Secondly, leave an emergency passage for life. For example, in the case of fire rescue, if the owner is not at home and cannot be opened in the normal way, when the technology needs to be opened, the lock that is too safe may delay the rescue time. Therefore, the US smart lock looks relatively simple, mostly split panels, and the lock body is also smaller than the lock body of the domestic smart lock. Judging from the lock body and structure, it is not necessarily able to prevent violence from opening. However, the U. S. smart lock pays more attention to the alarm system, that is, to improve security through active theft prevention. ▲ In China, many enterprises are not aware of the unlocking problem in an emergency, so they blindly pursue safety, even some companies claim that their locks can not be opened by technology within a few hundred minutes, and cannot be opened by violence within a few minutes. In fact, Xiaobian does not advocate this practice, because the national standard requires that the C- level lock cannot be opened within ten minutes, that is, to leave a safe passage for life in an emergency. Of course, the safety of locks is always a constant need, but there must be a degree. Most of China's smart lock enterprises have made great contributions to lock bodies, locking points and firmness, and some smart locks have also added security functions such as anti-skid, anti-technology start-up alarm and remote monitoring. That is to say, China's intelligent lock not only realizes active anti-theft on the alarm system, but also does a very good job in mechanical passive anti-theft. Therefore, it is theoretically better than the US intelligent lock in terms of safety. China and the United States smart lock, in the end who is better to choose, although in terms of security and opening methods, the United States smart lock is not as good as China's smart lock, but the United States smart lock also has its own advantages. However, its biggest advantage lies in its service life. The U. S. smart lock requires more than 10000 durability tests. In China, the 'GA374 electronic anti-theft lock' standard requires 3000 tests to be qualified, so on the whole, the domestic smart lock is worse than the US smart lock in terms of service life. Since each has its own advantages, how to choose? ▲ Before buying locks for a domestic brand of smart locks, we should be clear about the fact that China is vast in territory, extremely cold in winter in Northeast China and extremely humid in the South, however, the salt spray is relatively large in coastal areas, so China's own smart locks are made of stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. In areas with poor air, it is best to use stainless steel smart locks, in areas where the air is relatively flat, you can choose a zinc alloy smart lock with a better style. Therefore, the US smart lock does not necessarily conform to China's national conditions. In addition, there are great differences in the standards of security doors between China and the United States, while the general civil security doors in China are all national standards. Therefore, it can be seen from the lock body that the Chinese lock body is too large and has many Lock points. The US smart lock may not match the Chinese security door. Conclusion: U. S. smart locks are more focused on intelligence, alarm systems and service life, while China's smart locks are selling with full functions and good safety, so each has its own advantages. However, it is better to choose domestic brands or foreign brands that have been adjusted according to China's national conditions.
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