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Six ways to unlock the anti-theft door in the

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
Take out a set of unlocked things, including a small box containing several pieces of tin foil. 'This method has been around for a long time, and it's often used by lockers. Of course, thieves know about this technology. 'Take out a lock, and then put the tinfoil into a special thing, which is the same thing to enter the B-level lock through other assistance. Then fix the lock cylinder on the small platform pliers and shake the lock for 1 minute. The lock will flip smoothly. 2. Impact the lock cylinder. First, insert one end of a master key into a class B lock, and then tap the key on the other end with a hammer. As the punch goes on, try to turn the master key. Of course, if you hit it six times with a hammer, the lock will open in about 30 seconds. 3. Insert locking tab. You only need a rectangular plastic card. Push the card into the gap between the door entry and the door frame, and then slide down to the position where the locking tab is located. Finally, open the door smoothly - it takes six seconds. 'It's a more preliminary way to unlock, but it's more common. Laiwu unlocking this unlocking method is applicable to the unlocking situation, and it is impossible to lock the lock cylinder or insert the safety latch successfully. 4. Chewing gum unlocking. Put the gum in the key hole into the soft plug. The used thing will soften the gum and push it into the key hole. Because some of the old locks are usually short in quality or length, they are 'squeezed' by gum, and then something is put into the lock cylinder and the lock is opened. 5. Unlock with crochet. A special Crochet is inserted into the lock hole to unlock by adjusting the position of the lock pin, imitating the principle of key unlocking. 6. Cat's eyes unlock. The 'cat's eye' on the safety door will be pried open. Use 'trunk' and other things to enter the room through the 'cat's eye', and open the door at the inner side of the safety door when the door handle or lock is pressed to the door.
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