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SKN smart lock experience

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
As a person who is a bit lost, I have always wanted to find a chance to change the fingerprint lock, so as not to forget to bring the key and not to enter outside the home, this time through the fruit net, I can't wait to place an order immediately after seeing that I can get the SKN smart lock discount trial opportunity at a favorable price. The process of locking is a bit long, there are accessories and the original door does not match the situation and the door lock adjustment problem, the process is a bit long, but I think as a consumer, the most concerned should be the result, so I don't have so many processes, only report the results: the service of the customer service and the customer service of the manufacturer is in place, and the lock has been installed. The following is the experience of using these days: The packaging is in place, no need to worry about the bumps in the Express. Yan value Frosted Black, appearance as shown in the figure, wild color, simple overall shape, simple and beautiful lines, out of 100, I give more than 85 points. After the outer lock is powered on, the display screen is blue and red will be displayed in case of error. This blue-black match looks quite comfortable. The key of the lock body is a double-slot snake lock, which is a bit like the car key. I specifically asked, it is a Super B lock, which is commonly known as the C lock. 4. Use aspect 1) The setting is very simple, almost no instructions are needed, as long as you can understand Mandarin: Light up the screen, press 01 # to enter the menu and prompt the whole Mandarin, and follow the prompts. I am an acute child, the manual only looked at the actual operation for less than 1 minute, according to the voice, no problem at all, the lock master only told me how to light the screen -? -Just a model-- The back is all my own operation, just two words: simple. 2) There are four ways to unlock: Key, password, chip card and fingerprint. The password is open. I think it should be convenient for your relatives and close friends to come home. If you are not there, you can tell them directly so that they can go directly into the house. Therefore, here is a reminder: After setting the administrator password, please fill in a user password, because the administrator password is too strong, in addition to opening the door, you have the right to add and delete other types of door-opening passwords, chips, and fingerprints. The user password is only open, and you can easily delete and add them at any time with administrator privileges. Moreover, the input of the password to open the door is more interesting. You can mix the password into any number to prevent outsiders from peeking. For example, the password is 123456, you can enter the phone number again, enter 123456, and then enter a bunch of numbers. As long as the total number does not exceed 20, the door can be opened. The chip card has been sent 2 with the lock, but the department, comrades, the home can be added to the community card, this is convenient to open the door when the hand is wet. Highlight, fingerprint lock: the sensitivity of opening the door is also acceptable. Pay attention to the angle of the finger when recording fingerprints, and do not record one side. There is a baby over two years old in the home, and the fingerprint entry has not been recognized, no one else has a problem. 5. Note: When the inner door is opened, you need to press the middle button. This design is not bad. The lock in the house was the kind that opened when it was pressed. The baby will open the door and go out. Now it can't open the door, but the knob below is very flexible, and the little guy locks it with a slight twist, so don't let the child stay at home alone. He locks it with a twist, adults are only glaring outside-- When I tried to open the door, the little guy locked the door. I thought the door was broken first, but there were adults at home, or the newly installed lock would be pried. . . . . .
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