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SKN smart lock for China

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-18
The renovation of the new house purchased was completed, and the furniture and electrical appliances were also fully equipped. I thought about what was almost there. It was the smart door lock. Individuals went out to work, went shopping, and whether they were driving or the shuttle bus, they liked to carry a bag, with commuter supplies, naturally including the key, every time you go downstairs, you need to open the backpack, turn over and look for the key, very troublesome. I also thought about replacing a password lock before, but I didn't have time to go to the mall to pick it up. Samsung, a neighbor's home, doesn't like it (You know) Until I saw the public number of the fruit network push the SKN smart door lock. After ordering, contact the customer service, inform the need to measure the size data of the door and the old lock, whether the door can be installed and the installation scope of the customer service is very detailed, SKN can also connect to control the Heaven and Earth lock, this is why it is suitable for China. There is also a design that is also in line with the habits of the Chinese people. After measurement, it is found that the guide plate does not meet the size of the use, and the seller customizes a guide plate for free (Above) After waiting for about 6 days, the manufacturer called to verify that the receiving address and installation address were somewhat confused. I don't live there now, so it doesn't matter. With four batteries, a little praise? ? ? ? In the time when the accessories are not yet available, the installation of the little brother is very active and professional. I called twice to inquire about the installation time. After the things arrived, I was still the time to install the little brother. I think this industry also needs young people like Xiao Ge, who have physical eyes and skills. Locking also needs clear thinking and physical strength. During the installation, a small problem was found. There was some deviation in the size of the guide piece and the lock tooth, but the problem was not big. The installation of the little brother was solved on site, but this still needs to be paid attention. After the installation is completed, the little brother explained how to use it (Instantly get started) As well as matters needing attention, for example, the anti-lock in the house must be set in place, otherwise it is likely to lock itself out of the door and have a key. After the installation, I tried it several times. It is very convenient to set the password fingerprint. Whether it is set by APP or lock body, the fingerprint sensing is very sensitive, and the operation also supports anti-peeping, the 20-digit false password is also very practical (In front of outsiders? It doesn't matter! ) The password forgot that the finger was broken and there was a key. The Keyhole was at the bottom and could not be seen at ordinary times, which did not affect the technological appearance of the lock. One of the designs that the Chinese people mentioned above is the anti-lock outside the door. This design may not be available for Samsung and other brands. SKN is doing a good job. My previous worries are redundant. Advantages: 1. No key is required for entry and exit. 2. Relatives come and don't have to go home to send the keys. 3. Have a temporary password to avoid embarrassment. Suggestion: improve APP. Increase remote unlocking. In short, I am very satisfied with this product at present, and I will feel it slowly. Thank you, Jiguo. Com, the handsome and beautiful guys who tried it out. I hope they will try it out in cooperation in the future. Bye-Bye (•& Omega; •')o
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