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Skynet interconnected NBIoT intelligent lock formal 'cloud can gather force xin ju' in kunming public housing, open community | new experience

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Under the impetus of the development of science and technology and management upgrade, property company pursuit of intelligent door locks gradually increase, also more and more intelligent household with a lock. To improve the user experience, meet the demand of higher quality life, the recent 'cloud can gather force xin ju' in kunming public housing makes cooperation with skynet interconnected smart door locks, NBIOT smart door lock to comprehensively, to create a new era of intelligent life! In recent years, as the country 'rental right' policy of gradually implement, strengthening construction of public housing, its operation and management become a new topic to be solved. Order to strengthen the administration of the male rent rent standard public housing use, property company is gradually explore the intelligent management model. 'Cloud can gather xin ju' public housing project for public housing for unified installation skynet interconnected NBIOT intelligent door locks, farmers with CPU smart card door and apps. , door card, residents can choose to pass as the password issued lock and unlock access to the APP, convenient and quick. Property will lock at the same time use period and public housing lease term binding, can not pay the rent on time and in violation of the provisions of the lease rental households to repel, and effective control to sublet irregularities, such as clearing houses will be used in security with other residents of housing demand, promote the virtuous cycle of public housing operation management. Skynet connected the first batch of one thousand three hundred sets of intelligent door locks in 'cloud can gather force xin ju' project staff was completed in October 20, with the assistance of installation and debugging work, and formal operation use. Until today, the project has stable operation a month, widely praised by the lessee and property company.
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