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Skynet interconnection technology China telecom to promote NB - hand in hand IoT intelligent lock | rapid development

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
In 2016 China's lock industry output value has reached $80 billion, including smart door lock output up to 6 billion,, more than 2 million sets of shipments of annual growth of over 40%, and by 2017 smart door lock output will surpass billions mark, is undoubtedly the most successful intelligence intelligent household sheet is tasted. Obviously, smart locks the market performance of strong support without the rapid development of Internet of things. In 2016, the Internet of a new star in the field of formal debut was the industry, operators and equipment vendors for the platform and endorsement, it is the NB - IoT( Narrowband Internet of things based on cellular communication technology) 。 In 2017, skynet technology catch NB - of the Internet IoT narrow-band IoT wireless communication technology, through the accumulation of core technology advantages, strategic cooperation with China telecom and huawei, layout of NB - IoT IoT intelligence door lock and successfully pioneered NB - ahead of the industry IoT IoT intelligence door lock. Skynet interconnection technology, said skynet NB - LoT of things smart door lock solution by intelligent lock, connecting the chip, users of mobile and cloud services platform, compared with the traditional networking locks, eliminating the gateway and wireless routing link, make its application is wider, to adapt to the higher strength. Skynet NB - IoT IoT intelligence door lock mainly has three characteristics: first, the remote control more fluid, NB - IoT signal through walls far more than the existing network, even if the user deep underground parking lot, also can use NB - The smooth switch lock IoT technology; Followed by high security, occurring in the process of using interactive data will have financial level encryption, security; Third, lower power consumption, NB - IoT device of standby time in existing battery case can use 2 - without charge 3 years, users need frequent replacement battery, the use of experience is better. Skynet NB - IoT IoT intelligence door lock, Model: 688) Skynet interconnection technology cooperation with operator's business model: 'skynet interconnection technology at present in B2C, B2B mode has also established a large number of customer groups, including property management, hotel, home, security, intelligence community, and electricity, carrier channel and leasing new pattern and so on, is rich in resources and channels. Skynet interconnection technology will make full use of existing resources, continue to gain market share, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit with our cooperative partners, and to provide users with high-quality products and services. 'Project market gains a lot of things the new development trend of the Internet is a globally recognised already, and NB - IoT due to its advantages of the low power consumption and large coverage, become cellular networks industry cope with everything connected an important opportunity. Both operators higher-ups, and equipment giant, have presented the complete iot solutions, and in different vertical industry applications. China telecom iot deployment process steps is undoubtedly very quickly, in a formal release NB - IoT commercial plan, China telecom was the first to open the NB - all over the country IoT network and provide commercial services, NB - IoT represented by the Internet of things as the important foundation of the strategic transformation. It is reported, China telecom has been built up to 330000 stations across the country.
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