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Small advertisement unlock not professional police

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
Recently, the reader Ms. Liu called master Huang's lock company hotline to report that the lock company's lock unlocking personnel found on the Internet were not professional and almost caused a fire in operation. Ms. Liu's wife found a Hainan lock company on the Internet to repair her damaged anti-theft door lock. The other side said it was a regular professional lock company, promising to make users satisfied. But because no preventive measures were taken, when the lock repair personnel cut the lock cylinder in the kitchen, the sparks almost ignited the items in the kitchen, and the red iron filings left many burning focuses on the ceramic tiles on the kitchen wall. Seeing something wrong, the worker packed up his tools in a hurry and left quickly when the owner was not prepared. When Ms. Liu contacted the company again, the relevant information on the Internet was gone and the phone was not answered. The reporter learned from the public security department that unlocking and repairing locks belong to a special industry and need to register with the public security department for record. The registered company's lock unlocking technicians shall be examined and approved by the public security organ, and their fingerprints and other detailed personal information shall be retained, which shall be guaranteed in terms of technology and safety. But on the Internet, we can find some pages of illegal lock companies that have not been registered with the public security organs. There is no security guarantee to find such companies, and there is no way to complain once there is a problem. The public security organ reminds the public that to find Hainan unlock company, it is necessary to find the company registered and filed with the public security organ through regular channels, and relevant information can be inquired through the unlock special line opened by the public security organ;
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