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Small space utilization, farewell 'humble abode'

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-19
Things at home more and more, the space is more and more crowded, small space can only be 'humble abode' like this? Factors constraining imagination the space is little not, you just need a bit of planning and some skills can easily say goodbye to 'humble abode'. The first big trick: flat open folding door Fuyu Hardware forthcoming flat folding door open Hardware system, after the door open, door leaf folded flat open, change the course of ordinary doors open. If the door is 900 mm, the width of opening Angle is 180 °, the occupied area of 1. 27 ㎡, mount royal and flat folding door open hardware system, can save a space. 74㎡。 0. How big is 74 ㎡ space? Can be put down two refrigerators plus one night stand or two ark of the head of a bed and a shoe ark. Guangzhou average prices for 17864 yuan / ㎡, 0. 74 ㎡ value 13219 yuan, the household articles for use such a high cost performance, is the first choice of small family decoration. Shanghai hardware show in September, customer experience house flat folding door open hardware system is equipped with noble flat folding door open hardware system of folding door trajectory graph the second trick: stairs multiple changes under the stairs is not just a channel, also is not just a decoration, it can make it receive, used for holding various items. At the same time, it also can be a comfortable nook, practical and save space. These Spaces like chicken ribs, without shame, use it? And it is difficult to buy the right product at the mall furniture. Clever design 'chicken ribs' space, enhance the receive, improve space utilization, let the chicken ribs into space. Fourth: stereoscopic wall used to create a new three-dimensional space design has always been a people want to do and did not dare to try, one is worried about available is not high, safety coefficient is low, the life of a second is fear will look messy household environment. Actually wall has a great potential for stereo space, multi-purpose idea design, not only won't appear messy, also is very fashionable in style, save a lot of household space.
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