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Smart community O2O slow and careful

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
In the future, buy fruit, fresh food, pay utilities, property fees, open the door and change the lock, do not have to go out, just need to use the mobile phone App, you can achieve a one-click home'Function. By integrating the service resources of merchants around the community residents, smart community App can solve all the basic food, drink and live for users. So what is the future development prospect of smart community App? The smart community makes the community more harmonious. At present, O2O service covers all fields of people's life: take-out, housekeeping, nail art, etc. Compared with life O2O, the service and content of the smart community are more subdivided, the cooperation of property, real estate and owners can accurately meet the docking needs of owners and property companies and realize a three-kilometer life circle'Service. Therefore, the service object is relatively clear and belongs to the Intelligent Community App. With the popularization of WeChat public number and the rise of APP, people are more and more selective in solving their own needs, and various price wars of merchants make users' selectivity more and more blind. For example, called Take-out, in the face of full-screen promotions, different picture senses **, users often produce visual weakness, gradually lose patience, after comparing prices, then filter the nearest merchants and make a comprehensive choice. Once the user experience is not achieved, such as poor taste, slow food delivery, bad attitude, etc. , to a certain extent, it will affect the user's take-out'Expectations. However, if it is the surrounding food and beverage, users are relatively familiar with the merchants through a certain accumulation of word of mouth, thus saving a lot of time when ordering takeout. For the surrounding businesses, the relatively fixed needs of old customers are clear, which is conducive to the recommendation and promotion of dishes. In addition, the limitations of the smart community area make it easier to break the gap between people, such as property bulletin boards, community news or major event notices, etc. Community residents can add doughnuts through the bulletin board content'Discussion groups for friendly exchanges. At the same time, the social area of the smart community is established online. Residents can organize interesting activities such as tribes and topics, and can also spit out and talk to each other, so that unfamiliar residents can establish friendly relationships through communication, at ordinary times, the whole community looks more like a big family and more harmonious. Young people have a richer world, and the elderly also need to have a sense of life. At present, the aging trend in many communities is obvious, and children work during the day, so the elderly are more lonely, especially the elderly with mobility difficulties. The smart community establishes recreational activities among the elderly through the community platform, such as one-click invitation. «1 2»
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