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Smart door lock: Can you grab the new entrance to smart family ecology?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-28
Recently, the list of China's top ten smart fingerprint lock brands was announced, triggering a heated discussion in the fields of smart home and smart life. What is behind it is the trend that the intelligent door lock industry has changed from quietly rising to soaring. The survey found that in the past two years, with the help of the Internet of Things and the smart industry, the smart door lock is not limited to the primary functions of password unlocking and fingerprint unlocking, but is seizing the entrance to the smart home. In addition to the traditional protection of home property safety, smart door locks not only bring consumers a more convenient and comfortable smart life experience, but also bring more imagination and development space for all aspects of the Smart family industry chain. For traditional lock companies, intelligent door locks are not a new concept. Many established enterprises in the field of mechanical door locks and hardware components have actually been involved in the design and development of intelligent door locks very early, however, the market has been tepid before. According to Li Xujun, industrial design director of Yajie hardware company, they designed the first smart lock in China as early as 2005. However, at that time, the industry did not use the concept of smart lock, but simply attached the label of electronic lock or fingerprint lock. Now, it was difficult for traditional lock companies to predict that smart homes and smart homes would become a trend in the future. Most manufacturers at the forefront of industry development also look at the relationship between mechanical locks and intelligent locks from the perspective of upgrading the functions of door lock products only according to inertia cognition. The market consumption potential has not been stimulated for quite a long time. Even in 2014 and 2015, we shipped only a few hundred smart locks per month. 'Zhu Haitao, marketing director of Sakura lock company, said frankly. However, entering 2015, the wind suddenly turned. The concept of smart home has become instantly popular with the deep superposition of the Internet of Things and the Internet. The application of artificial intelligence and big data began to subvert people's cognitive experience in all directions, and the concept of intelligent family ecology began to rise. By 2016, it had not only stayed at the level of industry concept, but also began to stimulate the potential of capital and consumption. Under this background, the demand for smart door locks to the B- end market such as hotels and apartments and the C- end of household consumption began to grow, and the development of the whole industry began to rely on smart life and the internet of things, showing a significant upward trend. Statistics show that although the current market penetration rate of smart door locks is less than 3%, its total shipments reached 5 million units in 2016, with an industry output value of 8 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 40%. According to the industry media 'smart product Circle' forecast, smart door lock shipments will at least double this year. In the future, market demand will continue to grow geometrically. Judging from the market competition pattern, the domestic intelligent door lock industry is now in full swing, with traditional brand door lock manufacturers, Internet Brands and foreign brands almost presenting a tripartite confrontation. Industry experts said that the future competition will be comprehensive competition in products, services, ecology and other aspects. The concept of smart family, which is based on smart home, is gaining a chain reaction in various related fields. Among them, the intelligent door lock has evolved into an unavoidable key link in various fields. For example, from the perspective of providing an overall solution for smart families, home appliance enterprises extend their products from indoor smart appliances and homes to outdoor smart door locks, which are positioned as the entrance to home smart systems. The emerging internet door lock enterprises aiming at the apartment rental market also set the intelligent door lock as standard from the perspective of commercial operation and management convenience. In fact, the core reason why smart door locks are favored by all parties lies in the huge potential of vertical entrance for smart families. Zhong Lisong, a doctor of industrial economics at Beijing Jiaotong University, said that for smart homes and even smart families that are currently competing by all parties, can we jointly build a business model with a unified standard entrance and a stable architecture through operators, intelligent hardware manufacturers, real estate developers, property operation and maintenance, cloud platforms and other related links, it is a common problem encountered by all parties concerned. Especially when the gateway, Internet TV box, etc. that all parties want to seize are difficult to carry the entrance' When the burden is heavy, the intelligent door lock has attracted the attention and recognition of the industry with its unique function and value. Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Yuanyang Yijie district, a smart community service platform, pointed out that smart door locks have three advantages for smart families and smart communities: first, the quality of real estate can be improved by installing smart door locks in home decoration, improve user experience; Second, with the development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things, door lock, building intercom and entrance guard will form an overall packaging scheme, which will become a window for user authentication and activation and provide high added value; Third, the function of the intelligent door lock has been improved, making it an important outlet for the home gateway. In the view of Zhaojie, head of the market of Yunding Network Technology Co. , Ltd. , after the intelligent door lock and the real estate property home decoration are deeply docked, the Assembly access control is opened'Entry'The plan will be the first step. If the architecture and open interface are shared later, the third-party integration and docking can be flexibly realized, the linkage between the smart door lock and the home and home scenes such as smart homes and cars can be achieved, and O2O services can be accessed, it will build an open family life service ecosystem and achieve the value of a smart community. '
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