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Smart door lock selection tips: 'Five see' to get

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-28
Weight, look at the lock material, the lock material on the market is basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is the best lock-making material with good strength, strong corrosion resistance and constant color; Copper is more versatile, with superior mechanical properties and more expensive prices; High-quality zinc alloy is sturdy and wear-resistant, has very strong anti-corrosion ability, and is easy to form. It is generally used to manufacture mid-range locks. Look at the surface treatment of the lock cylinder. The general surface treatment includes electroplating, spraying and coloring. The surface treatment can form a protective film on the product, which can prevent corrosion and rust, and make the product more beautiful and durable. Locks of good quality are generally electroplated. The coating is moderate, very uniform, brightly colored, and has no signs of bubbles, rust and oxidation. Look at the functional design and key components, there are many kinds of locks, and the choice of locks depends on where they are used. Big brands with high quality requirements have very detailed product categories for different functional requirements, such as channel locks, bathroom locks, storage room locks, large door locks, etc. Looking at the implementation standards, at present, the Ministry of Light Industry has used some foreign standards to revise the original GB to the current QB with higher requirements. Small manufacturers do not follow the standards in order to save costs, and big brands will implement standards when producing products. With the development of technology, a new type of lock intelligent lock has emerged, and its market share is continuously increasing, which is the direction of lock development in the future. The new intelligent lock-proof technology has strong opening capability, good anti-theft performance and relatively higher security. At the same time, there is no series of problems caused by key loss or even replication. In addition, the intelligent linkage between the intelligent door lock and the residence also makes life more and more convenient and beautiful. For example, Haier's intelligent door lock automatically enters the alert state while going out to lock in the morning; Go home in the evening, when you open the door, the home mode starts, the lights in the House are turned on, there is no need to smear the lights, and the background music you like; When there are relatives and friends cleaning the aunt to come, and you happen to be not at home, remote sharing of one-time Open password, expired invalid, especially convenient. Haier intelligent door lock friendship tips: door locks must select large brands with high popularity, good quality and long history. Small manufacturers often sell directly through some agents or shops, there is no strength and stable system network for after-sales service. When you choose, you need to consider many aspects before making a choice.
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